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RichTJ99's Avatar RichTJ99 06:49 AM 05-17-2013

I currently have an older AVR 890 & an airport express, I am only using the AVR for music, no TV, its just for stereo audio distribution.

I bought a 8 zone splitter from monoprice & I have the outside zone on #8 (1-4 are for the house). I feel like the outside sounds a bit quiet & having an android phone, my wife takes over hte music choices with her Iphone.

I know Denon has an android / Apple app & I wonder if the newer less expensive 1613 units might do the trick. I do like the idea of multi zone so that inside could be on & outside could be off.

Right now its either all on or all off.

Based on controlling the units, who has the best quality android app with the least expensive price? I am only looking to control audio.


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