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aggielaw 05-17-2013 02:45 PM

I've had a 5.1 stereo system for 15 years now. Started with a Harmon-Kardon AVR (very colored sound), then went to a Denon AVR-3300, then went to a Denon AVR-2909. The HDMI connections on the 2909 are starting to go, resulting in audio and video dropouts, and I'm contemplating replacing the receiver. That launched a few questions in how to go about replacing it:

- Are all the big-name consumer-level AVRs roughly equivalent at a given price point? I have a dedicated two-channel audio room, and one thing that stands out about high-end stereo gear is that most of it is equivalent sound quality at a given price point; the difference lies in the voicing of the equipment. I happen to prefer the most accurate reproduction I can get, vice the boosted midrange or "warmth" that many audiophiles desire. I'm looking for that accuracy and detail in an AVR as well. I have really enjoyed the Denon AVRs but wonder if I'm missing some detail or clarity in both music and voices that I could hear with other brands. My understanding is that Denon AVRs have the same A/V quality from the lowest model to the highest; the only differences lie in features and output power.

- I have already ruled out Onkyo due to reliability issues. I've read good things about both Marantz and Yamaha, but that came from audioholics, which sells those brands. What brands should I be considering for best audio and video quality? My feature needs are pretty minimal, I think: at least 4 HDMI in; 1 HDMI out; upscaling to at least 1080p (beyond would be a nice bonus); networking a plus but not absolutely required; at least 95W per channel; at least 7.1 capable. And, of course, reliability is always a factor.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

jdsmoothie 05-17-2013 04:13 PM

The new Denon X4000 is the current successor to your 2809CI and now includes the more advanced Audyssey MultEQ XT32. Refer to the 2013 Denon AVR -E/X Owner's thread linked in my sig, posts 1-6 for more information.

mjpearce023 05-18-2013 07:22 AM

As long as the receiver has enough power for the speakers clarity will not be affected. The difference you find moving up the line is improved room correction. As JD mentioned, the X4000 has XT32 so that would be a great choice. I’m looking at one as well because my 3311 has XT and I would like to upgrade to XT32. Marantz are the same as Denon because they are both made by D&M and most of the internal components are the same. Yamaha uses YPAO for its room correction so you would get slightly different sound compared with Audyssey. Its personal preference so there is no way to say which one you will like better without trying it. If you like the Denon 2809 then the X4000 would probably be a good option for you in my opinion.

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