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ijustwantmydmb's Avatar ijustwantmydmb 08:22 PM 05-27-2013
I am trying the set up my NR414, and am having a hard time linking Pandora. I see a message reading, 'entering your username will end your free trial'. This is viewable under the My Favorites tab.

Anyone gone through this? So, do I have to pay for Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Sirruis, etc.

Anyway around this? I have been a Pandora listener for years, and enjoy NOT paying for it. Most of the time I use it for background music, and I am not bothered by the low quality or random ads.


afrogt's Avatar afrogt 08:47 PM 05-27-2013
If you've been listening to Pandora for years then you don't need a free trial. Go ahead and enter your user name.

Perhaps you're getting a free trial to the commercial free version which does end at some point.

I've got a network AVR and you're not required to pay for Pandora.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 03:03 AM 05-28-2013
Unlike Spotify and SiriusXM which do require a paid account, as noted above, Pandora can be Free (w/commercials) or Paid (w/o commercials). You were likely provided with a Trail period to the "Pay" accounts.
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