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Originally Posted by ttownsend View Post
Has anyone else encountered anything like this, or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. - Tom
Just like the other users I have a directv genie that works fine. I don't have any clients though.
Try the other directv boxes on the receiver. If only the client messes up replace that.
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Originally Posted by vmantas View Post
I have recently purchased RX-A2030 and I am generally very happy with this. It replaced an ONKYO 818.
Originally Posted by bass addict View Post
I could use some guidance on some issues I am running into with my A5000.

This replaced an Onkyo 3009 which I was extremely happy with. Like anything else however; upgradeitis hit and wanted to try something else. This is coupled to an Outlaw amp for the mains and three Behringer amps for the subs.
How's YPAO vs Audyssey MultEQ XT32 ?
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Originally Posted by Skylinestar View Post
How's YPAO vs Audyssey MultEQ XT32 ?
In Auto mode XT32 is better when it comes to do some manual adjustments then YPAO is superior.
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Originally Posted by mjmcmahon67 View Post
Tom -

... I'm curious whether you can replicate the issue in two additional scenarios:

1.) What if you change the input used by DirecTV on your receiver? Does the issue remain?

2.) What if you set your DirecTV receiver to use PCM rather than Dolby Digital? Do you still see the audio cut-outs?

First of all, thanks for the reply. As for trying different inputs on the receiver, the problem unfortunately exists regardless of which input I use. I've even tried swapping out the HDMI cable itself, thinking that may be the problem. As I noted in my original post, based on a few suggestions over on the DTV forum, I tried shutting off HDMI control entirely, as well as video processing ... neither of which seem to make any difference.

I have an HR-34 Genie in my master bedroom and two C-31 clients, one in my office and one in my Great Room. It is the C-31 client in the Great Room that's connected to the A3030. At first I thought it was the Genie client that was failing, but when I tried running the HDMI cable directly from the DTV box to the back of the TV (bypassing the AVR) the audio was fine. (Well, as fine as TV-speaker audio can be. ) I also tried swapping the client boxes, using the one from my office, but both client boxes lose audio when connected to the A3030.

What makes this troubleshooting difficult is that I don't watch TV in the Great Room very often ... I mostly watch Blu-rays there. So it's not uncommon for there to be months in between the times I actually try to watch DTV in that room. Although I only noticed it over the past couple of days, the problem could have actually existed for a few months and I wouldn't have known it. In that time there have been a couple of DTV software updates and at least one A3030 firmware update. Either (or neither) could be responsible. All I know is that when I first put in the A3030 and the DTV client box, all was working and I could change DTV channels without losing audio. So this problem is new. Exactly how new, I don't know ... but it's new. The other interesting thing to note is when this problem was first discovered a few days ago, at that point I could still change to *some* channels without losing audio, but not others. Over the past few days however, it seems to have gotten worse and as of now, I can't change from any channel to *any* other channel without losing the HDMI audio, regardless of the audio formats the channels are broadcasting in.

I'll try your two suggestions about switching to PCM, and also resetting the entire Receiver, and then I'll post back here. Thanks so much for your advice.

- Tom

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Originally Posted by Skylinestar View Post
How's YPAO vs Audyssey MultEQ XT32 ?
Originally Posted by vmantas View Post
In Auto mode XT32 is better when it comes to do some manual adjustments then YPAO is superior.
Depends. For the lower frequencies XT32 is considerably better. I am running a mini DSP so I wasn't too concerned about the low end stuff. I agree that the ability to manually manipulate the curve with the Yammy allows for a much smoother response compared to XT32. The XT boys do have the same ability, albeit only after purchasing the expensive Aud add on software.

That being said; I'm still far from happy with the sound on my Yammy compared to my Onkyo.

While the surrounds and height/rear channels seem to be more active, for some reason they don't blend nearly as well as they did with the Onkyo. Sounds appear to be more localized, and not as diffused.

Above all, the center channel is driving me crazy. It's just really sharp and piercing sounding now. It's almost like fingernails on a chalkboard when people are talking. I'm going to tweak it further manually, but up to this point, I'm really disappointed with the performance ATM. It was smooth and buttery with the Onkyo.

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