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sethneal's Avatar sethneal 10:56 AM 06-01-2013
Alright, obviously this stuff isn't my thing. I have a spare Apple TV. Got two outdoor speakers at a garage sale. Looking for a receiver to bind them together so I can play music outside.

There's a ton of receiver options, but really I'm just looking for one with an HDMI connector (for the apple tv) and a couple channels for the speakers.

Do they make something that simple? Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate it.

sethneal's Avatar sethneal 02:19 PM 07-20-2013
So there's nothing then?
grasshoppers's Avatar grasshoppers 03:38 PM 07-20-2013
ANY avr with hdmi in will work. You gave no budget.
You know that you will need a TV to display/navigate
The Apple TV menu?
sethneal's Avatar sethneal 04:35 PM 07-20-2013
Budget? I have a spare Apple TV and some speakers from a Garage Sale. Obviously the budget for this item would be in line with that. The least expensive option to make it work.

And no, there is no need for a TV when using an Apple TV. Everything can be controlled from an iPhone or even the computer where all the music is stored.

I'd love to find something like one of the Lepai amps. Cheap. And does one thing. But there seems to be a huge divide between a product like this and something with HDMI.

The Apple TV also has an optical audio port. Maybe theres something like that?
grasshoppers's Avatar grasshoppers 05:25 PM 07-20-2013
I see your speakers are about $30 new and ATV is about $100.

Here is what a 5 minute search found...not too tough. rolleyes.gif

If you have a computer with your music on it and can
Control it with your iPhone and know about Lepai amps
Perhaps you have a better understanding "of this stuff"
Than I thought. My mistake. wink.gif

Good Luck
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