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06-16-2013 | Posts: 19
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I have a Samsung TV with optical output connected to the AVR-3313CI, and it works fine on the Main Zone (although the intermittent output still persists). However, I can't get any audio from this source to be output in Zone 2. I can't see anything in the manual about optical being unavailable in Zone 2. And, since the source TV Audio shows up, I'd assume it would be fine.

Am I missing a setting? Or is this just another issue with my AVR-3313CI that I'm becoming convinced is a lemon?

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The 3313 can only output analog to zone two. You need to buy an optical to rca converter box. You can get one from amazon for about $20.
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As is the case with roughly 98% of all AVRs on the market today, so it is true for the 3313CI as well. Refer to the following note on p. 104 in the Owner's manual ....

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