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F8Driver 06-24-2013 06:58 PM

I've enter all the codes for my various input devices. It all feeds into the TV HDMI 1 input. So, is there a way that when I select TV audio (using the TV cable input), the receiver switches the tv input to its cable/antenna input, or do I need to select "input" on the remote and then scroll to the correct selection for the tv? I've got a feeling the answer is no, it's the multistep process. Well, that's why I have a universal remote ... firmly in the hand of my wife.

jdsmoothie 06-24-2013 08:36 PM

If you are referring to returning the TV audio via the HDMI cable (ie. ARC feature) .....


Otherwise, if you are referring to connecting the TV with an optical cable to the AVR, then the default for that input is TV, so selecting TV on the remote should switch to the smart app audio coming from the TV (eg. Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc.)

Refer to post #3 in the 2012 Denon AVR-XX13 Models thread linked in my sig for more info.

F8Driver 06-24-2013 10:08 PM

My TV is pre-ARC, so it's an optical input for the audio. 3313 switches fine to the audio, but the video on the TV remains on the HDMI input from the receiver vice switching to its antenna/cable input ... I can select "input" on the AVR remote (it's in the TV control mode) and then select the proper input, but it's not an automatic switch on the TV. The Harmony remote works just fine, it's been programmed to switch the TV input and Rx to TV audio when I select the appropriate command. None of my other inputs need the TV to switch inputs ... everything is switched by the Rx (Blu-ray, Apple TV, Computer input) 3 HDMI in, one out. It would seem the Denon remote would have to perform macros, which it doesn't do. Only way I can see this might happen is if HDMI control switches the TV input ... which it doesn't apparently do. Interesting in that the blu ray, when connected via its own HDMI directly to the TV (older Rx with no HDMI switching), would switch the TV to the appropriate HDMI input when I powered it on.

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