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mikedahammer's Avatar mikedahammer 03:05 PM 06-28-2013
I am looking at starting my audio with a new receiver (currently do not have one - just moved into my first house), some tower speakers and a subwoofer.

I have been following aperion audio for quite some time and I think I am going to try their Versus Grand Towers, and a Bravus Subwoofer. I am open to suggestions on speakers but that is what I am thinking about buying at this point.

However, I am lost when it comes to receivers. I was looking at getting the Sony STR-DN1040 (link but I am not sure. Budget wise I have about $600 or so to spend and I am open to suggestions. The speakers are monsters (link so I need something that is going to be powerful enough to give those tower speakers enough juice. I would also like to have the ability for wifi or bluetooth and functionality for itunes, sirius etc would be awesome. It seems like there is nothing out there, in my budget, that has all the functionality. So I know I am going to have to sacrifice something. What are your thoughts and what do you recommend? Also I am not sure if I need to be looking at receiver that have the ability for preouts. I am not sure if the speakers I have selected, or may select, will need something larger to run them.

Thanks for your help.

Thought it might be useful to know this will be primarily for TV and Music (50% TV), (25% Music), (10% Video Games), (15% Movies)


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