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johnwalling's Avatar johnwalling 08:00 PM 06-28-2013
It's time for a new receiver. The one I have is acting funny (10 yrs old). It's been so long since I last researched I am a bit lost.

Primary use is for music run in a 2.1 configuration. It is set up with the home theater at 3.1 but as I said music is my thing. Looking for something comparable to the old denon (are they as good as they used to be?)

johnwalling's Avatar johnwalling 08:03 PM 06-28-2013
And are phono inputs still available?
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 08:53 PM 06-28-2013
Lower level models generally don't include a PHONO input (3313CI and X4000 being lowest level Denon models and 6007/6008 being lowest level Marantz models); however, using a 3rd party phono pre-amp you can connect to any of the analog inputs (which are slowly going away on the lower end models). A current 7.1 Denon AVR (eg. 1913 or E400) or Marantz AVR (eg. 1603 or 1604) could be setup to use up to a 5.1 theater setup and also a dedicated 2CH music setup. Review each of the first few posts in the "2012 Denon AVR-XX13" and "2013 Denon AVR-E/X" threads linked in my sig for more info on last year's and this year's Denon models.
rnatalli's Avatar rnatalli 06:06 AM 06-29-2013
The Onkyo TX-8050 includes a Phono input, but it is only 2.1.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 06:22 AM 06-29-2013
^^ The TX-8050 has a subwoofer preamp output but I'd still classify it as a 2.0 receiver. Most of the recommended stereo receivers still have phono input (HK 3490 is another highly regarded option), but to get it in an AVR boosts the price quite a bit. I've remotely considered looking into an external phono preamp myself, but jeez the prices are all over the place (meaning lots of research to do), making me almost wish I'd gone higher than the 2313 for my music setup.
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