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jrk264's Avatar jrk264 10:33 AM 07-02-2013
I just bought a new TV, and I'm having an odd HDMI connectivity issue. I'm stumped, and I was hoping somebody here who knows more than me can puzzle out what's going on.

(new) Panasonic TC-P65S60 Plasma display
(old) 22 inch cheapo LG LCD


Onkyo TX-SR606

Here's where it gets strange:
- Connecting the Roku box to the receiver and then to either TV works fine.
- Connecting the PS3 directly to the Panasonic works fine.
- Connecting the PS3 to the receiver and then to the LG works fine.
- Connecting the PS3 to the receiver and then to the Panasonic does not work--TV shows no input.

I have tried swapping the cables used to connect the Roku and the PS3 to the receiver, with no change in result.

I'm baffled. My first thought was some kind of handshake problem between the Onkyo and the Panasonic, but if that were the issue I don't think the Roku would work at all. All of the cables seem to be fine (since they can work together to get the Roku on either TV) and I don't understand why I can run the PS3 through the receiver to one TV and not the other, when the receiver is able to run the other input out to both.

Any thoughts or experiments I should try?

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 10:54 AM 07-02-2013
Try turning off Deep Color on your PS3. I've read somewhere that his may help.
Bstloukal1's Avatar Bstloukal1 10:58 AM 07-02-2013
also try holding the on/off button down on the Ps3 for a few seconds you will here a few beeps. this should help reset the ps3 to the connection being used. I have to do this if I move my ps3 from 1 room to another depending on what source i am using either an optical cable or HDMI
jrk264's Avatar jrk264 03:45 PM 07-04-2013
I tried both of your guys' suggestions to no avail. I did get it working though, so I thought I should report back.

I reset the ps3 to use 480p only (using the direct to tv connection). When I then connected it through the receiver it worked. The weird thing though is that when I changed it back to use 1080p it continued to work. So the final settings are exactly the same as when it wasn't working, but now everything displays correctly.

It feels a little more like magic than engineering, but it's working so I can't be too angry.
BobL's Avatar BobL 10:06 PM 07-05-2013

How long are your cables?  Search my name on the forum and you'll find some HDMI info for troubleshooting.

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