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howletus's Avatar howletus 10:02 AM 07-11-2013
I just added a projector to my HT and need to upgrade my old Yamaha rx-v650 to something more up to date mainly for the HDMI switching and improved room correction. I have been looking at the Yamaha Aventage series as well as the new Denon X4000. I like/need the idea of the independent 3rd HDMI output and the Audyssey XT32 on the higher end Denon but don't want to pay too much for something I don't need. The AVR will be mostly for movies / TV viewing. Budget is around $1300.

My current set up is:
Receiver - Yamaha RX-V650
Front Speakers – Klipsch RF35 (8 OHMS / 150W MAX)
Center Channel – Klipsch RC35 (8 OHMS / 125W MAX)
Surrounds – Klipsch RS35 (8 OHMS / 125W MAX)
Sub – Klipsch RW10

I would rather not replace unless updated speakers will offer a significant improvement over spending more on the receiver. One complaint I do have about my current system is that at times the dialogue can sound muffled. Any advice / recommendations on receiver and/or speakers is appreciated.


myoda's Avatar myoda 12:07 PM 07-11-2013
I'd spring for the Denon for the room correction properties of Audyssey XT32.
bommai's Avatar bommai 04:16 PM 07-11-2013
How big is the room? My setup is a little bit bigger than yours. I have RF5, RC7, and RS35. I sold my Klipsch sub and got an Elemental Designs A300. Love the setup. I am using a NAD T775 (backup is the T763). Sound is awesome. Before that I was using the HK AVR 745. I liked that too. I would say try the HK AVR3700. I think you will like it.
howletus's Avatar howletus 07:06 PM 07-11-2013
Current room is 14' x 18'.
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