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jwf911's Avatar jwf911 09:28 AM 08-12-2013
My Sony Bravia, cable box, Sony Blu-ray and CD player are managed by the Denon AVR 887. Sudenly, the tv and DVD player displayed a black screen and no picture...I replaced all the HDMI cables and still did not work. I connected the cable box directly to the tv and like magic the tv has picture and sound. How do I find out what's wrong with the Danon receiver?

BIslander's Avatar BIslander 09:38 AM 08-12-2013
Do you get video from any of the input devices? Do you get video from the AVR's own output, things like setup menus?
jwf911's Avatar jwf911 09:52 AM 08-12-2013
Yes, the tv menu system worked but no picture or sound. Thank you for your time
BIslander's Avatar BIslander 10:01 AM 08-12-2013
I was asking whether the TV shows the output of the AVR menu, not its own menu. If you can see the AVR setup menus, you know the output of the receiver is OK. If all the inputs no longer work, try resetting the receiver to the factory defaults.
jwf911's Avatar jwf911 10:11 AM 08-12-2013
I understand....No, the tv did not show the AVR menu...I will try to reset the AVR this afternoon...thanks again
jwf911's Avatar jwf911 06:51 PM 08-12-2013
I reset the Denon AVR-887 but still no picture or sound
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