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viper20's Avatar viper20 08:30 AM 08-22-2013
Hey Guys,

I am looking at possibly purchasing the AVR-X4000 and i see that most places online want $1,299 for it. However i noticed on ebay there are a bunch of people selling it for between $930-$1000 and stating that the units are brand new. My question is did anyone here that purchased this unit buy one from ebay and are you satsifed with the unit. If so can you post the ebay sellers id in the thread.


viper20's Avatar viper20 06:25 AM 08-23-2013
wow nobody has bought one of these units of ebay?
Cowboys's Avatar Cowboys 07:26 AM 08-23-2013
^^ are they authorized dealer?
viper20's Avatar viper20 08:35 AM 08-23-2013
I am guessing they are not I would think if they were it would state that on the page. Just seems like it may be worth it though bc an authorized dealer wants 1299 + tax I can get one off ebay for 930 or so with not tax and no shipping I would end up saving about $450 dollars
TacoEater's Avatar TacoEater 08:52 AM 08-23-2013
AVS sells receivers and I believe they are a dealer with competitive prices.
viper20's Avatar viper20 08:28 AM 08-24-2013
Originally Posted by TacoEater View Post

AVS sells receivers and I believe they are a dealer with competitive prices.

Hey thanks man! I called them up and got a really good price on the unit thank you so much for letting me know about them!
Cowboys's Avatar Cowboys 10:07 AM 08-24-2013
^^Cool plus they are authorized dealer.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:06 PM 08-24-2013
AVScience sales is an authorized dealer for everything we sell. smile.gif
nycguy718's Avatar nycguy718 07:20 AM 11-20-2013

Call and Speak with JD. he has a lot of knowledge on receivers and speakers.

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