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Christine2013's Avatar Christine2013 11:37 AM 09-06-2013
I recently purchase a new Samsung LED HDTV and a Denon AVR-X2000 receiver at Bestbuy. The geeksquad installed the home theater connection for me since I don't know a thing about it.

Everything works fine, until I plug my Iphone 4S into the USB cable in front of the receiver. I can see the song is playing on the screen but no sound came out. Sound works fine on
CBL/SAT, Tuner, WII game, DVD etc, but no sound on iphone. Tried another Iphone 5, still no sound. I call Denon support, they walked me thru on the phone, but could not understand why no sound from USB/Ipod input.

I call the Geeksquad for another visit, but nothing is available until 2 weeks from today. In the meantime, every thing works fine, but no sound from iphone.

Anyone has the same problem and can offer help? Thank so much.


jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 11:57 AM 09-06-2013
Ensure you have the ipod/USB source selected as well as the volume raised on the iphone itself.

Also note there is a dedicate thread for the new Denon E/X models to include the X2000 linked below. Review posts #3-6 for more additional helpful information.
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