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Anyone else have issues with popping or a delay in the audio starting?
5010 Questions, Audio Delay (Dropout?) Issues

Postby Tanquen » Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:39 am

I found that there is a 1-2 second audio delay anytime I skip or fast-forward my TiVo HD players. The 5008 and Denon X4000 do not do this. You would not think its that big of a deal but its really distracting when you skip ahead and can see people talking but can’t hear anything for a second. If the Audio TV Out setting is used there is no delay.

I always thought this (Audio TV Out ) setting was odd. I use it when I want to use my headphones with the TV. I mean if the TiVo was connected directly to the TV the PCM or Dolby Digital audio data is already there why strip it out if you are using the receiver’s amps? Why not just pass the HDMI signal audio/video to the TV? Why does is matter if the receiver is also using the audio data?

Setup menus are only on the main TV, in my case that is the other room. Other info menus are kind of on both displays. The MONITOR OUT setting should say Some Stuff on one and Some on the other not "Both". biggrin.gif

The Zone control toggle on the remote only toggles between Zone 2&3. You can’t just hit it a 3rd time to go back to the receiver. I know I’m old and slow but it took me like 15 minutes to figure this out. I even looked in the manual and it has a section for using the Zone button but it don’t tell you that you must hit the receiver button 6 rows down to get out of Zone control. Why not just hit the toggle a 3rd time? Red, green then clear.

The HTML page is all but useless. There are no settings or a firmware update option, just some internet radio settings and the network settings, which you can’t get to if they are not setup right. ??? Am I missing a button/setting somewhere? The Denon x4000 HTML interface is slow but you can look at all the settings and rename inputs and so on.

I tried the Onkyo remote control app for the phone but that is all it is. Some very basic controls. You can rename the inputs BUT IT JUST LOCAL TO THE APP. Arrg...

So when you do rename the inputs you are forced to select a letter a time with the remote and when done the setup menus still use the default names. So if you go back in later to change something involving an input you can’t find the one you are used to seeing.

I know this is just stuff you’ll just mess with (most likely) once but I just don’t get why the 5010 has a web server but they don't make any real use of it.

Is there a setting I’m missing to enable or change these things?

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Postby FORUMMODERATOR5 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:27 am

No you are not missing any settings or buttons when entering the Web menu (GUI), the web menu would allow you to enter URL address of a specific internet radio station to add for streaming.

The information you provided on how to use the receiver with the remote is all correct as well and the same method applies to most of the Onkyo created receivers.

In regards of the delay when skipping, this is mostly related on how the HDMI handshake is working between your Tivo and the TX-NR5010 receiver. There are no settings in the Onkyo receiver that will allow you to adjust that delay since you are using the skip button on the Tivo.

Postby Tanquen » Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:33 am

Ok but other receivers (including my old 5008) do not do this and if I use the Audio TV Out setting there is no delay. How is that TiVo or HDMI handshake related? The TiVo is sending the same HDMI data to the 5010 either way. The same as it did for the 5008 and the Denon X4000. The 5010 needs a tweak.
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Postby FORUMMODERATOR5 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:21 am

The TX-NR5010 is designed differently from the TX-NR5008 with more advanced audio processing since the technology has improved. The TX-NR5010 is processing a digital signal in the main zone while sending the same audio to your TV and that is creating an audio delay, so we do recommend to either mute or lower the TV volume when you want to listen to the Front Left and Front Right speakers that are connected to the Onkyo. Or you can use your TV volume and TV speakers and lower the volume on the Onkyo receiver so it does not interfere with the TV speakers.

We have a feature that is called HDMI PASS-THROUGH that you can use which will allow you to turn off the Onkyo receiver and the sound and picture will pass-through to your TV like you never had a surround sound and your TV speakers will automatically be used. That feature can be found in the setup menu under Hardware setup then HDMI.FORUMMODERATOR5 offline Site AdminPosts: 1374Joined: Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:47 pm

Postby Tanquen » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:38 am

Sorry, this is not the problem I’m having.

I understand Zone thing, never said anything about Zone 1 vs. Zone 2 audio. For what you are describing to happen I’d have to put the 5010 into TV Audio mode and then un-mute the receiver while listening to the TV speakers. This would also be in the same Zone anyway and there should not be a delay between the 5010 speakers and the TVs speakers. I have seen Zone 1 and 2 audio delay on a number of receivers.

I did notice that when switching the TV Audio out setting that the 5010 was just muting the receiver without putting anything up on the screen. It makes even less sense now for the video to cut out and it to act like you are rebooting the receiver when turning the TV audio out on or off.

I have two main issues that the other most recent receivers I've had (5008 and the Denon x4000) did not exhibit.

1. Whenever the HDMI audio stream to the 5010 is stopped, be it from my HTPC, Blu-ray player or TiVo’s, 3 out of 4 times there is an audible pop. I can watch the front of the 5010 and see the HDMI icon flash and hear the pop when the audio starts again. The 5010 should not be popping my speakers when syncing digital audio streams.

2. When the TV audio out setting is OFF and using the 5010 amps and speakers there is a 1-2 second delay or pause in the audio whenever I start, un-pause or fast-forward a program. The video is still there but the audio takes a second to come back. You can again see by 5010’s display it resetting the HDMI audio with the loss of audio status and the flashing HDMI audio icon. This is a problem in the 5010. The 5008 and X4000 do not do this. The 5010 will NOT delay the start of the audio if the TV audio out is set to ON weather the 5010 is in mute or not, with the TV speakers or the 5010’s speakers the audio comes back right away as it should and you can see on the 5010s display there is no HDMI icon flashing and no loss of audio info. With TV audio out set to OFF there is of course no audio through the TV speakers but you get a delay before the audio starts again and the flashing HDMI icon on the display. The upstream HDMI device is not do anything any different and is not aware of the 5010’s TV audio out setting and I believe is sending the HDMI audio the whole time as you can see when the 5010 is in TV audio out mode.
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Postby FORUMMODERATOR5 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:11 pm

I have never mentioned Zone 2 in any of my replies. We know every function this receiver can perform and I know exactly what you are describing with your previous post. The issue you are having is related on how you are using this receiver and your TV speakers. TV speakers should be OFF when Onkyo receiver is ON, but if you want to use your TV speakers then the Onkyo should use the HDMI PASS-THROUGH feature.

In regards to the popping noise you are hearing, the Onkyo receiver will need 1-2 seconds to receive the audio format and processes it and if your Source (HTPC) is sending a high signal then you can receive a pop. We recommend using Audyssey Auto Calibration to try to eliminate any popping or interference to the speakers. If you would like us to call you and communicate with you further for a more thorough explanation then we can have a representative give you a call whenever you are free.FORUMMODERATOR5 offline Site AdminPosts: 1374Joined: Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:47 pm

Postby Tanquen » Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:58 am

You talked about using the main Zone while sending audio to the TV and that it is what is causing the delay. Sorry, it sounded like you were saying the TV was in another Zone. I never talked about zones or trying to listen to both the TV’s speakers and receiver’s speakers at the same time. Again, when you try to do that it mutes the receiver for you. I’d have to un-mute it then be asking why it sounds funny. On top of this, when I do try to use both there is no delay because you are in (and have to be) TV audio out mode. I have seen and thought you were talking about when you are use the main Zone and then try to use Zone 2 at the same time with the same audio. Then I have heard receivers that have an audio delay and can cause an echo when you try to use two Zones for whole house music. It should not but I’ve seen it myself and read about it.

I’m sorry but you still don’t seem to understand what is going on. Just take a moment and reread number 2 above. I’m sorry but it just seems like you don’t want to listen to the dumb customer that can’t understand anything you tell them. An escalation I know but “We know every function this receiver can perform and I know exactly what you are describing with your previous post.” Wow!

As I said, I'm not wanting to use both the TV speakers and the receiver’s speakers. I’m just using it to show that the delay in the start of the audio is not there when you use it.

This has nothing to do with “HDMI PASS-THROUGH” as I said the delay is there when using the receiver’s speakers.

As for the popping, I have already used the Audyssey Auto Calibration. Last night I noticed it a lot during some commercials. When the show is in Dolby Digital and some of the commercials are not I also get popping. I can see on the receiver the HDMI audio info changing and when it does there is a pop most of the time. This should not be and was not on the other receivers.
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