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dman777's Avatar dman777 09:36 PM 11-09-2013
I am looking for a blue tooth speaker set up that I can attach to my PC. I would like to have 2 separate speakers and a bass box. Also, most importantly...I would like the DACs to be high qauility with ether Wolfson or Burr Brown. Any suggestions?

Foxbat121's Avatar Foxbat121 09:36 AM 11-10-2013
BT audio and high quality audio shall not be in the same sentence.

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lovinthehd's Avatar lovinthehd 12:56 PM 11-10-2013
Sort of wondering the same thing, what's the current status of bluetooth in terms of fidelity? I know little about bluetooth, as I don't use it for anything, although my impression generally has been similar to foxbat's, i.e. bluetooth is not high fidelity. I have read that there are various codecs that can be used but aren't universally, and often implemented with somewhat limited bandwidth. Also, if your speakers are bluetooth what's the point of a fancy outboard DAC (which are fairly useless in the first place) since there's another limiting level of DAC at the speakers (at least I assume that bluetooth is a digital transmission again to be decoded at the wireless speaker level), or are you speaking of the DAC that you wish built into the wireless speakers? From the little I know about wireless systems for audio, is that they're radio based, not bluetooth. Then again I don't know so staying tuned in....
Worf's Avatar Worf 08:18 PM 11-10-2013
It's still pretty much the same. The only required codec is SBC which is so crappy that 128kbps MP3 can sound superior even in high quality mode.

The optional codecs are typically lossy as well - I'm not sure there's a standard lossless codec.

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