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Tom Riddle 11-29-2013 07:03 PM

I haven't seen anything pop up for this unit yet, and thought it was about time considering its rich feature-set. Let it be noted, this model does not have the much coveted Sub EQ feature that EQ'S dual subs independently. I will add more information in this post shortly. Let the discussion commence!

cmanser 12-05-2013 11:46 AM

WOW - no responses. I am interested in this unit and was hoping there would be some discussion about it.

Surprising as the other Onkyo threads have thousands of posts.

Where are you 929 owners????

Tom Riddle 12-05-2013 06:21 PM

Great question! I haven't seen a lot of activity for the 2013 models on these forums - a lot of activity still in the 818 forum. All reviews I've read, professional and consumer have been positive about the 929. I haven't purchased it yet, but it will soon replace my 808.

BRob1 12-07-2013 08:41 PM

I too am curious...I have been an Onkyo fan over the past 12 years. I have been researching which AVR to go with for the last 6 months. After reading about all of the issues with Onkyos the past few years, I have been looking to other brands like Denon x4000 & Marantz sr7008. I too have been researching the TX NR929 because of its great feature set and pricepoint but do not see much by way of good or bad reviews, like other models. I am seriously contemplating this unit.

Rockasama 12-07-2013 09:32 PM

I absolutely love mine so far though having hard time with price of it smile.gif Some rambling thoughts below:

SOOO easy to setup as compared to my previous Onkyo (TX-SR705, 5 years). I'm not a super audio tech but can try to help answer any questions you may have or test stuff.

The direct file share browser is awesome, just wish it would do video too, not just music.

Loving built in Ethernet and used up all my HDMI inputs except one (well because I could really).

ARC Worked great, but ended up turning it off due to my TVs OSD volume pop up that was annoying (Anynet+... it also hid the Onkyo osd and was Absolute instead of relative)

I use the Logitech Harmony Touch, no issues there, but the remote it comes with is about the best I've seen 'out of box' for multi device mgmt, even has macros but I've not used that.

I came searching to see if anyone has found a way to disable the Onkyo boot logo. I'd prefer nothing or to see the TV Logo.

Testing MHL with Note 3 tomorrow.

The sound is MAJOR upgrade for me, was overdue for a better class unit. I need to re-do Audyssey and check my Polk speakers/crossover settings (and get re-educated on all that).

To the price: You work hard or work a little harder to cover it and reward yourself, or that's the story I'm telling myself smile.gif

Thanks listening,


Patrick Collins 12-07-2013 10:25 PM

Well let's get started. I've had mine for a couple of months and have only good things to say.

First I would like to clear up a couple of points. The first being the bad press about the HDMI board failures which were predominantly caused by overheating. in some cases it was the owners fault for not providing proper ventilation, which most have a hard time admitting. But mostly the fault lies with Onkyo for not getting the word out that these boards put out a lot of heat and need more ventilation than most. Before purchase Onkyo hadn't thoroughly convinced me that the problem was solved but I went ahead anyway. After purchase I left my Integra DTC 9.8 in place for comparison. Well the 929 runs 30 to 35 degress cooler and it has 9 channels of amplification the 9.8 doesn't have.

Secondly the 929 has Audyssey MultiEQ XT32, as do some others in this price range, which means it thoroughly covers the lowest of notes. Although it has dual sub outs it treats them identically. Units with Audyssey SubEQ HT treat the sub outs uniquely based on the microphone feed back. With different subs that's important. If on the other hand you have identical subs in acoustically similar locations it's a little less important.

My DTC 9.8 fed a 200 watt 7 channel Outlaw amp. Sound wise I don't miss either. In fact I'm now running highs and wides that I couldn't before along with several other new features. Also the Integra only had MultiEQ XT and now the bass sounds flatter and tighter with an absence of boom. A professional reviewer could explain why I think it sounds better in general.

Oops, I did come up with a negative. Short on details, but I think it lacks a 12 volt trigger out at turn on.

More to come.

Falcon64v 12-09-2013 05:39 AM

Just replaced my Onkyo SR707 with a 929 last week, and after running through the Audyssey setup I'm really pleasantly surprised at how much better the sound is. I've mostly been playing around with music since it was delivered last week and at this point I have nothing bad to say about it. It's definitely a step up from the older 707, and the Klipsch speakers sound a lot better particularly with vocals.

The only thing that has me concerned at the moment is Net radio. I have been having audio cut out for 1-5 seconds at times in the middle of the stream. This typically happens a couple of times an hour, and it happens with Rhapsody, Pandora, Sirius so far. Although I have the receiver connected via the ethernet port, I did test out the wireless connection and there was no difference. I swapped out the router and still have the drop outs with the same frequency. I've been listening at different times of day, too, to try and rule out congestion from the ISP. Because the audio doesn't seem to miss a note when it returns, I suspect it's just buffering, but the few times I've been in front of the display when it happened it did not say "buffering xx%" as it does when you first access the Net radio.

So basically I've ruled out the network cabling, switches, and router. That leaves the cable modem/ISP and the 929 itself. FWIW, my Kindle Fire HDX streams the same content without these dropouts, as does my android phone. I stream movies via Amazon and Netflix without any sort of buffering or playback issues as well. I've not had any problems at all with any other audio sources, but the streaming music is a major part of my reason for upgrading the receiver and it's a huge buzz kill when you're kicked back, feet up, eyes closed enjoying a great song and BAM eek.gif silence. eek.gif.

Has anyone else experienced this? I wish there was a setting to increase the buffer size. Lacking that, I don't know what I can do short of returning this thing. Thankfully, with extended holiday return periods I have over a month to work with this.

- Henry

Patrick Collins 12-09-2013 05:55 PM

I've already compared listening to Pandora on both my WDTV Live Streamer and the Net function on the 929. While stand alone streamers might be best for this function only, audibly I detected no differences. Admittedly my equipment shouldn't be a problem. My Verizon FIoS is rated for 75 mBps download speed and my Asus router is an 802.11AC. I've actually tested at 96 mBps wired and 92 mBps wireless. The point is my lack of any buffering issues is mostly due to the quality of the stream. Back in the day when I had buffering issues none of my equipment had this kind of speed.

If you didn't already have a streamer, this would be a great feature all by itself.

Patrick Collins 12-09-2013 06:43 PM

For those considering powering a second room, I should pass this on. Contrary to what Onkyo said, I was able to power a second room from the left/right speaker outs from L/R Wides. I currently send line level out from L/R Wides to a pair of powered speakers in my HT. So in party mode I can switch to All Channel Stereo and everything in the Home Theater is 2 channel stereo and the same stereo signal is sent to Zone 2. In this case I don't have to cut back to 7.1 or 5.1 and all 9 channels and the sub are functioning. I can leave everything wired as is and just switch on Zone 2. I've only done a proof of concept test without a long term test in a practical sense. I need to wire the second room.

Falcon64v 12-09-2013 07:26 PM

Did some experimenting this evening, I think it's definitely buffering. Bandwidth alone does not a quality streaming experience make...I've got 20Mb consistently which is more than ample for this. Even using a cell phone as a mobile hotspot I get 7-9Mb easily. I haven't taken the time to check for latency issues or dropped packets, but after doing some testing I found the apps on the receiver dont work the same as other streaming devices.

On an iPod Touch (4th gen) and a Kindle Fire HDX, Pandora seems to buffer the next song on it's list prior to the end of the current track. If I disconnect the hotspot just after the song starts playing, it plays the entire song consistently. On the receiver, it buffers 10-15 seconds. Sirius XM app on iPod and HDX buffer at least 2 minutes, on the receiver the best I got was around 20 seconds after unplugging the ethernet cable.

I haven't checked out how these apps perform in this regard on the bluray player or tv, perhaps another evening I will. In the meantime I may stop by the cable company and pick up a new modem as it's the only link in the chain that I haven't ruled out yet. Beyond that, I have to wonder why Onkyo, on a receiver of this quality, seems to have taken the cheap route on memory...unless of course my receiver is defective.

YDR05 12-10-2013 07:46 AM

Like others in this thread, I am seriously considering this product. Good to know that some of you are already enjoying it. This will be my first receiver ever so I want it to be a pleasant experience, only thing bothering me is the reliability concern Onkyo has had in the past.

I am guessing the lack of reviews are because it never came on a good deal and so there are not a lot of owners! The full price is obviously way too much.

Patrick Collins 12-10-2013 01:42 PM

The full price is maybe more than you want to spend, but not obviously way too much. In fact when I bought mine for the usual $100 off, they were often already out of stock. I got a couple of notices a little late and they were already gone. Besides, the relative worth is the cost/product ratio. This particular product actually compares more favorably to the Marantz SR7008 (about $2000) than the similarly (to the 929) priced Denon X4000. Also the X4000 has already had some issues reported. As far as I know, none with the 929. It will be a while before you're not paying full price for this unit.

Tom Riddle 12-10-2013 03:13 PM

I agree with Patrick. The price point for this unit is well below other receivers with a similar feature set. The Marantz SR7008 shares all the same features with the exception of the Sub HT EQ, missing on the Onkyo, and is considerably more expensive. As for their quality control, time will only tell, but hopefully it isn't a concern any longer.

gadgtfreek 12-10-2013 06:38 PM

Can any of you Onkyo aficionados tell me when the 1011/3011/5011 lines would be coming out?

Im not familiar with Onkyo's timeline for model releases, thanks. Looking for something Ultra2 certified.

Tom Riddle 12-10-2013 07:03 PM

Not sure, the current lineup of those receivers weren't upgraded this past year, which is odd since they usually change annually. I'm sure they will change them this year, with announcements coming sometime around June or July.

Tom Riddle 12-10-2013 07:07 PM

I see you have a Marantz currently. Any reason you're looking for looking specifically at Ultra2 certification? Just curious, since Marantz's lineup is pretty strong this year. Have to say, the Sr7008 looks like an awesome receiver.

gadgtfreek 12-10-2013 07:26 PM

I like to tinker, I flip avr's quite often. Ive done the same with blu-ray players, tv's, until I kinda find what I like. Once I do I buy the new upper tier and use it for many years. Its kinda how I ended up with my sub, my display and my Oppo. Ive had two marantz (6005 and 6007), two Denon's (varying power ratings and Audyssey versions), one Onkyo 818 and I bought my dad a 809. I basically buy 1 or two years behind so I get great deals.

After all that, my determination is I want something along the lines of a 1010, with XT32 and Sub EQ. I could get an X4000 now, but Im just going to use the 6007 and watch and wait. I was wondering if the upper tier Onkyo's had gone to 2 year spans kinda like Denon has done on their upper line.

To be honest, my favorite out of the bunch was the 818, it performed well, when we watch movies I push em hard and it sounded great. I also like the heft and beef of the Onkyo. To be honest, my Klipsh towers of course do not need a lot of power, but like I said once Ive figured out what I want and its a long term purchase, I kinda overbuy. If i was buying now the 1010 or 3010 would be the choice, so at this point I guess Ill just wait and see. Im not counting out a 7008 either, I could always grab it next year at a discount. IMO, XT32 is a must and Id like Sub EQ because I plan to add a second VTF15 next year as well. Once the AVR purchase is down, I'll have pretty much everything I want in my HT.

When it comes to looks, Marantz wins.

Tom Riddle 12-10-2013 08:00 PM

I understand, I like to switch every 3 years or so, much to the chagrin of my wife. Will she ever understand? I'm a current owner of an Onkyo 808 paired with Klipsch Reference 62II, center and surrounds. I've always liked the amp section of the Onkyo, but I have definitely considered switching over to a Marantz for comparison. Still going back and forth on the 929, 1010 and the SR7008. Does the MArantz not deliver the weight in music and movies that the Onkyo can provide with its powerful amp?

gadgtfreek 12-10-2013 08:06 PM

I guess the tough comparison with the 818 and 6007 is XT32 vs XT. That has to factor in. I can say, when playing at 0.0db volume setting on man of Steel on blu-ray, I think the 818 sounds better in heavy action scenes.

That could all be XT32 though? Lets face it, if you use a power amp calculcator, my Ref II towers need 40 watts to hit a 100db at 3.5 meters distance. Im sure the 6007 can swing that eek.gif

I think its more a factor of potentially getting the better version of Audyssey that makes the difference. I did like the 818 though.

Tom Riddle 12-10-2013 08:12 PM

True. I can't wait to get XT32! I'm in the same boat with my Klipsch Reference towers, doesn't take much to drive them at all - to perfection I might add.

Patrick Collins 12-12-2013 07:26 PM

For those concerned about power with the 929, I can compare with it with my Outlaw 200 wpc amp when they powered the same medium efficiency NHTs. Turning either amp full on would be just too loud. At normal levels the nod would go to the 929 on quality but that would be mostly attributable to MultiEQ XT32. For those with highly efficient speakers like Klipsch the 929 will not be strained.

I did start using my Meridians as my L&R before the 929 arrived and that comparison would be without the amp section as they are powered and fed from the line outs. They are very revealing and I do think they sound better now but again would figure the XT32 is the difference.

I say this knowing the power supply is not as stout as the xx10 series and especially the Outlaw which weighs 90 pounds. As for the xx10 series being replaced by something xx11, neither they nor the pre-pro, which is long in the tooth, nor the equivalent Integras have been upgraded, in my opinion, because Onkyo is planning to roll out HDMI 2.0 for all of these models first. Just sayin'.

BTW I initially considered the 1010 and 3010 but they seemed a little dated compared to the 929. But to each their own.

Tom Riddle 12-14-2013 07:16 AM

Anyone upgrade from the 818 to the 929 that would care to tell us the differences they noticed?

yadfgp 12-14-2013 09:23 AM

Originally Posted by Tom Riddle View Post

Anyone upgrade from the 818 to the 929 that would care to tell us the differences they noticed?

I just upgraded to the 929 from an 818 this weekend. I've only been using the 929 for a couple of days now. For the most part it's very similar overall. I was very happy with the 818. I don't use many of the features like the apps on the 818, nor do I plan to for the 929, so I can't comment on those really. I did try some of em out on the 818 like Netflix, and Pandora and a couple of others and liked em on the 818. Don't know if and when I'll get around to that sort of thing on the 929.

The only reason I upgraded to a 929, was for 11 speakers, from my current 9 speakers on the 818. I'm running 10 speakers right now, I'm shopping for that 11th which I hope to get eventually. I haven't ran XT32 yet at all, I will this week.

Out of the box, I'm almost thinking that the 929 sound wise seems a bit better than the 818. But I dunno for sure.

I have 1 HUGE gripe so far with the 929. I was hoping that with the setup options that it would be basically be just like the 818, but perhaps with more options. But that's not the case. As far as I can tell, every single set up option that you had on the 818 when you go to setup from the HOME screen are here. Except for 1 major section, and that's what my major gripe is about.

Specifically under the settings for adjusting the picture. In the almost a year or so that I've owned the 818, I had the picture tweaked just right on the 818 to where it looked pretty much perfect on my tv. My tv is a Mits WD-82642 DLP RPTV. There's actually less settings on the 929 than there were with my 818 as far picture adjustments go. So my problem with this is, the fact that when viewing any material whatsoever via my HDMI cables from the AVR to the TV, the picture quality is slightly degraded. Whether it be via dish networks, or even blu rays.

It's like not as sharp as it should be. It's I guess somewhat blocky looking. Like maybe there's some pixels missing or something. Also I had to turn down the brightness on my TV a bit to get it to look like how I had it on my 818. On my 818 I really didn't use any of the video features, I only used the ones that had to do with noise reduction. I had them all enabled on my 818 (all 4 or 5 of em?) There's just less options in the 929 for adjusting NR. I'm hoping like HELL that maybe my 929 just needs to be broken in like any type of HT equipment, and it will look better over time. mad.gif

Anyone else notice what I noticed on their 929?

Especially if you upgraded from an 818?

yadfgp 12-14-2013 10:58 AM

Too add onto my previous post ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I just looked in the 818 manual, and here are the settings that the 818 offers as far as NR and Edge Enhancement type settings ETC...

So the 818 has the following...

“Edge Enhancement”
“Noise Reduction”
“Mosquito NR”
“Random NR”
“Block NR”

And the 929 only has the following...

“Edge Enhancement”
“Noise Reduction”

And that's it! Which as I said earlier, leads me to believe that the lack of the other video options is why my picture quality is of less quality on the 929 than when it was on the 818.

Hopefully this is NOT the case, and that within time, as my 929 gets broken in, the PQ will get better.

In the meanwhile I have been leaving my TV on 24/7, in hopes of getting it broken in faster. rolleyes.gif

Tom Riddle 12-14-2013 01:19 PM

Thanks yadfgp for your initial thoughts. Please let us know if your are able to resolve your video issue.

Patrick Collins 12-14-2013 08:51 PM

Yadfgp my 65" Mits has never looked this good and it's fed from my 929. But in all fairness I also had to replace my DMD chip in the Mits and decided to replace the bulb with one of Philips newer models with the upgraded cage. The bulb alone is suppose to be an improvement over the original. So while I don't have a direct before and after comparison with the 929 hooked up, this is the best picture I've ever had on this 4 year old TV.

OTOH I'm only tweaking my picture with the Mits settings. For Picture Mode I use bright. Are you not getting not getting everything you want out of the Mits adjustments?

yadfgp 12-14-2013 09:21 PM

Not quite Pat.

With the Mits adjustments I felt I got a great picture on my TV. I didn't really think it could get much better if at all.

When I got the 818, it was the first AVR I'd owned that I can recall had any settings you could use to mess with the PQ on the display device hooked up to the AVR. And if any of those AVR's ever had any settings I never messed with any of em. I'm pretty sure none of em did. All of my older AVR's just passed the signal on through.

So on the 818, when tweaking it, I had read a review from someone who said they liked the PQ settings on the 818, so I spent quite a few hours off and on trying em out. Just to see if it helped or not, because I had always wondered about whether or not an AVR could actually improve the PQ at all. The 818 definitely improved my picture when I had enabled some of those features I mentioned earlier.. It made my TV go from like an 8 or a 9 to a 10. Sharpening up the picture overall.

Today I spent a lot of time watching my TV with the 929 hooked up to it, and maybe the 929 is getting "broken in", as the PQ does seem to be marginally improving. So hopefully those settings that aren't on the 929, but were on the 818, didn't really make much difference if at all when I had the 818. Maybe that's why the 929 doesn't have these settings that are missing.

YDR05 12-16-2013 06:36 PM

Ordered one over the weekend! Getting it on Thursday. Excited!! smile.gif

Tom Riddle 12-16-2013 07:31 PM

Originally Posted by YDR05 View Post

Ordered one over the weekend! Getting it on Thursday. Excited!! smile.gif

Awesome! Let us know your impressions once you get it all hooked up.

zonecoaster1 12-16-2013 08:34 PM

I've had one sitting in my home office here for a few weeks (bought on sale for an upcoming move).  Looking forward to setting it up this weekend, and glad that this thread appeared.  I was surprised to find so little info about this AVR on these forums.  It seems to have been very well received by reviewers.  It's going to be mated to Kef Q-series speakers.  I've been looking forward to this for weeks.

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