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haiiyaa's Avatar haiiyaa 04:05 AM 12-17-2013
Hi Guys,

I am in the market for a new receiver for my home music system / home theater. I emphasize the music system because the receiver should be good for listening to music too, clean crisp sound overall. I am not looking for a lot of bells and whistles like airplay / bluetooth etc, since all this will go through my media center (XBMC). My requirements are
- 5.1 Channel is sufficient
- min. 3 hdmi ports
- min. 1 optical digital input
- min. 1 line out (that should work with all inputs, on my current receiver it only works if I am listening to the radio!)
- Good video out

With these requirements, can I have some suggestions on where I should start looking? I am on a tight budget and hence cutting down all other features.

Appreciate all your inputs here.


haiiyaa's Avatar haiiyaa 04:11 AM 12-17-2013
Just wanted to add, i know speakers are important, and I am looking into that as well! smile.gif
bootman_head_fi's Avatar bootman_head_fi 05:52 AM 12-17-2013
Not just speakers but speaker placement and room treatments make by far the most difference in sound quality.
Next is the quality of the source material, the source/dac then amplification last.

If you have the speakers, placement and room nailed down, you can pretty much get good sound with any AVR.
Sure there are differences, but they will be minimized if the rest is taken care of first.
KidHorn's Avatar KidHorn 01:45 PM 12-17-2013
Your requirements are pretty bar bone. I would look on amazon and newegg and see what they have on sale. For under $500, all AVRs are basically the same, so get whatever is on sale.
phantom52's Avatar phantom52 01:56 PM 12-17-2013
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