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jdw8's Avatar jdw8 10:42 PM 12-25-2013

I am a novice at hooking up stereo equipment so forgive me. I purchased a mint set of Bose 901 series VI and I am attempting to connect the EQ to the Onkyo TX-NR828 receiver but I do not see an "amp in".  Is it possible without an amp?

Knucklehead90's Avatar Knucklehead90 11:43 PM 12-25-2013
The 828 does not have the tape loop that is found on most anything older than 10 years old and that is Bose's recommended way of connecting the equalizer. Since those speakers are a power sponge you might consider getting an external amp to drive those speakers. Connections would be easier - go from the preamp out of the 828 to the inputs on the equalizer then from the output of the equalizer to the inputs on the amp. The 828 will control the audio and depending on the amp - more power.

Offhand I don't know of any other way to connect it if you want multi-channel audio. And the 828 does not have direct channel inputs so you are SOL on that score. Just one more thing lost in the race to the cheapest AVR. And it isn't just Onkyo eliminating connections we find convenient.
jdw8's Avatar jdw8 01:18 AM 12-26-2013

I have an amp. Onkyo M-282. The only pre out that has two leads is the "front" which I have connected to the EQ which is connected to the audio line in on my Onkyo amp. The speakers are connected to the Onkyo-receiver front speaker posts. I am passing audio but I do not notice any difference in the speakers when I adjust the EQ. What am I doing wrong?

Knucklehead90's Avatar Knucklehead90 01:42 PM 12-26-2013
Connect the 828 L/R front speaker preamp outs to the inputs on the equalizer and connect the output from the equalizer to the amp - the L/R speakers are connected directly to the amp - not the 828. This is why the equalizer has no effect - you don't have it in the loop as you currently have it connected. The only connection from the 828 is from the preamp jacks to the equalizer.
jdw8's Avatar jdw8 02:34 PM 12-26-2013

No that is not going to work. no signal is going to the amp.  No sound

Knucklehead90's Avatar Knucklehead90 05:42 PM 12-26-2013
It will work. How can it not? The chain is 828 to equalizer to amp to speakers all connected via RCA cables. Your way simply bypassed the equalizer and the amp - which is why the equalizer had no effect.
jdw8's Avatar jdw8 12:32 AM 12-28-2013

I'm sorry had the connections backwards. Sorry to doubt you my friend! Works wonderfully now. I bought the amp just because I thought that was the only way to connect them but when I connected them I received no signal. Just had them backwards.


Let me tell you I have this system in my 400 sq. ft. den and it ROCKS. Onkyo TX-NR828, Onkyo M-282, Bose 901 Series VI, Polk 660WI, 4 Optimus LX4's and 2 Carver TS441S. Thank you for your time it was greatly appreciated!

jdw8's Avatar jdw8 12:40 AM 12-28-2013

Now that the whole system is proven, all I have to do is run my wires in the walls and set my room. I am using Vizio for layout and design of the room. It's cool to find people that are generally interested in helping someone create a room that they can enjoy for years to come! Any more advice is sure welcomed. Thanks knucklehead90!

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