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Greetings to you all and Happy New Year, 


I have been running a 7.1 surround sound for many years as the following:


Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX 45TX

Speakers: Klipsch Chorus II mains

                Klipsch KLF C7 - center

                Klipsch RS-3's - side surround 

                Klipsch KG 1's for backs

                SVS - 20-39 - Sub

TV: Samsung Non 3D LED - Didn't really want the 3D aspect at home.

Blue Ray Player: Purchased a Samsung Blue Ray player that is also non 3D

Gaming: 360


I do not have cable TV because I can't stand it but I do stream Netflix through my DVD play from time to time.


Recently I had the itch to upgrade my receiver even though I still think the thing sounds great and works flawlessly after I tweaked everything that I could possibly tweak. I mainly watch movies and play the 360 and watch Netflix. My fascination with 3D in home is at a zero and don't foresee it changing as I'm very happy with my 50" Samsung LED. 


I have had a chance to pick up a SC-25 on Ebay for $500 or purchase a Marantz refurbished SR7005 for $700. I went up and listened to the Marantz at BB last night and while I was very disappointed with the Magnolia aspect because none of the receivers were set up correctly and sounded very bland, which makes it very hard to get a idea of the capabilities of a receiver. Additionally, they stopped selling Klipsch speakers at BB in the high end area and have focused on B&W...which do sound bright in my opinion but not a comparison.


Initial impressions was that they Pioneer Elite SC-71 sounded very bright and forward but noticed that the Loudness, Tone, DNR, and Hi-Bit Sampling was not turned on as I have it at on mine. Now, I do not know if the new SC's have these as an option to turn on because it's not listed on the remote like mine was. On my 45TX it sounds very bland until I turn these on and set up the auto calibration and tweak the EQ, and then it really sings. I guess I'm curious if the SC-25 has this ability to turn these features on or is it automated?


When the Marantz SR7007 was fired up, it was not set up as well, but it sounded more warm and filled the sound field very nicely. Again, I do not know if this receiver has these options that the Pioneer has or if it's automated? I also do not know how these sound on Klipsch other than Denon and Marantz are owned by the same company and use many of the same parts. The thing I did do a bit of research on was the audio comparison between Denon and Marantz and clearly people said that Marantz sounded warmer than the Denon and gave more functionality to tweaking the settings after the auto calibration was run.


I'm curious if the SC-25 will pass the video through without having to be on? I would like to not turn on the stereo from time to time and just watch TV with the TV speakers... Does the SC-25 have the ability to pass through the signal without being on?


Also, any impressions with the Marantz and Klipsch speakers would be appreciated.The ability to control the Marantz with my tablet is appealing, but not a necessity.


Thanks much. 

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I have had a Marantz AV 7005 processor in my system a little over a year now, and I love it . I would imagine the SR 7005 would sound close to the same. Myself, I prefer the Audyssey Room correction in the Marantz piece, over what is offered in the Pioneer.
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Thanks Hooper for the reply. Could you tell me what speakers you running with the Marantz?

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I currently have both models and will be decideing which to keep in a couple of weeks. I'm putting in a new floor in my livingroom so the HT is in the closet.

The good about the Elite is low power consumption with the digital amp, Very low heat output (they barely get warm). 6 presets for the MCACC which also remember individual speaker volumes. They can also be copied from one to the other very quickly and you can easily re-adjust the MCACC results to suit your own taste.. It also has many user adjustments like X-Curve, Full Band Phase Control, Dialog Enchancement, etc. Crystal clear sound. All i hear is the signal, nothing else. Two HDMI outputs.

The bad. One crossover setting for all speaker groups. No OSD of minor adjustments like volume and sound modes. Doesn't eq the sub. No Height or Width option. 99% of people who have them, myself included, never make the effort to really learn how to properly setup MCACC. It's just to confusing and time consuming but the results can be outstanding.

For me, the SC-25 along with the Dv-58av universal player and BDP-05 bluray player make a great combination. I also have an Elite vsx-23, BDP-23 br player and another Elite DV-58av in another room which I see no reason to replace anytime soon...or later. I have no idea if the SC-25 offers Video or Audio Pass-Through since I never needed either of those features. I'm not sure anyone offers Audio Pass-Through. Just use another connection straight to the display and change the input.

The Marantz 7005 is also a fine receiver and very easy to setup and operate and has separate crossover settings for all speaker groups. I don't care for the looks with the cyclops eye but most others seem to like it. I also think Marantz receivers are a bit over-priced for what you get (compare the msrp of the 7005 with the 3312). The remote is excellent and, like Pioneer remotes, allow you to make several adjustments on the fly without accessing the main menu. I've also had the 5005 and 6005 and think the 6005 was the best over-all value.

You can't fault the 7005's sound quality either. Audyssey doesn't offer the flexibility of MCACC but if you're a set-it-and-forget-it kind of guy then that's a plus. The 7005 also works well with the CC4003 cd changer and 7006 bluray player I'm using it with.

The decision will also be tough for me. The SC-25 suffered some cosmetic and minor damage during shipping (which I repaired well enough myself). The seller also refunded $125 for the poor packing, and filled a claim with UPS which I would have no part of. The 7005 arrived in perfect condition with the original box, packing materials and all acc. making it easier to sell and worth more. That may play a big part in my decision.

I would download both manuals and product sheets and see if there's something that jumps out at you, good or bad. I know I would be happy with either of these receivers.
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You seem to be one of those people who actually LISTEN to the sound quality of a system. That makes two of us; been doing it for 50 years.

I am constantly amazed at the parade of people around here that swear that every receiver and amplifier sound the same. I guess that makes their buying decisions, among other things, rather simple.

To my ears, most modern Klipsch speakers tend to be bright/harsh...whatever; not my cup of tea. The more expensive ones are a little better, but not much.

I feel the same way about Yamaha and Pioneer receivers/amplifiers. Marantz stuff sounds a bit better to me. NAD sounds about 98% better.

My idea of audio hell is a Yamaha amplifier and Klipsch speakers; a combo that can make a violin sound like a chainsaw, and a female singer sound like a wounded beagle.

If you want some nice sound quality, I would advise you to get a NAD receiver. I am sure your speakers will sound much better with one of their AVRs.

If you ever want to graduate to some really nice sound quality, put that NAD together with some speakers made by PSB, KEF, Wharfedale, or Focal (I especially recommend Focal).
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Greetings and thanks for the replies =)




Thanks for the summery of your current experience with these two models. I have really liked my Pioneer vsx 45tx and have found that the sound stage on my system has been very satisfying to my ear both musically and on the movie aspect. I spent significant amount of time trying to understand the MCACC on the product (even though it's far more detailed today) and creating a very nice system sound. Once I have it set, I don't really tweak it much after I ran the set up and used a sound meter to fine tune it because I found that the speaker levels were off a bit. 


Upon listening to the Pioneer at BB Magnolia the tinny sound was clearly present versus the Marantz and I was very disappointed. I actually do have half a mind to call the store manager and tell him how disappointed I am that three professional sales men are selling high end gear that is running without having any of the features set up on them which causes the customer to not have a clear idea of what it is that the capabilities of a receiver or brand of receiver can do. I'm still pissed about it even though it was roughly 3 days ago because I waste my time driving up there to get some sort of the sound abilities and I'm let down to have to endure such a thing with these twits who weren't even that knowledgeable to boot. And I didn't have 3 hours to set up the receiver so I could make an accurate evaluation of what they can do. 


But just listening to them the Marantz sounded nice for what it was even though I had no idea what the system capabilities are or what was on/off. I have looked over the spec sheets and really, the comparison isn't really even there due to the SC-25 being outdated by a few years from the 7005. The 7005 does pass through the audio/signal without the receiver being on and yes, I could certainly hook it up in different fashions but was just looking at how many cables I would have to run to get what I wanted. 


Please let me know what your outcome is. 




I personally don't like the new Klipsch speakers much myself as they seem rather soulless. But I have heard an RF-7 system with a nice set up powering them and it was really impressive. The first receiver I bought over twenty years ago because I was very inexperienced at AV things, was a Yamaha.... to power this system in a 5 channel surround. Let me tell you, it sounded terrible and I was unhappy with the salesman for even recommending it to me. The only way I was able to get that receiver to sound good was to put a passive EQ on it and only then did it really sound nice. So, I'm in full agreement with your statement with the Yamaha aspect, but the Pioneer Elite has been good to me. But we all have our preferences about what we think sounds good and does not. 


As far as NAD, a bit out of my price range and if I were going to drop that kind of coin, I would probably opt for separates for what I'm doing. But, if I ever get a chance to audition a NAD, I'll surely have a listen. 


I know that H/K has some really good reviews with Klipsch owners, but their quality is something I question. 


I think the only reason I might lean towards the Marantz would be the sound is a bit more warm but that it has a 1 year warranty with it even though it's a bit more out of pocket up front. 

Thanks again. 

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