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My Integra DTR-5.6 suddenly does not produce any sound. Turned the TV on, everything was working fine, change channel and sound was completely gone. Tried other devices -- DVD, CD Player -- same result. Receiver responds fine to all remote commands. No changes in equipment and/or settings at all. Puzzled why all of a sudden sound went away. Help appreciated.

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Originally Posted by inxs1965 View Post

Help appreciated.

Hi inxs1965, could try a soft reset for about 15 minutes or so. Power down all components, remove the receiver power cord, wait a few minutes, reconnect power cord, and power on components in a certain order (TV, receiver and source or source, receiver and then TV).
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01-23-2014 | Posts: 2
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Thank you JChin -- it worked! Now, the only trouble I am having is getting sound when playing TV or DVD. CD player works fine. I have tried following manual but it does not work. I noticed that despite changing settings, both TV and DVD default to PCM. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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