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OS9Barry 02-06-2014 05:23 PM


I have a very nice Pioneer VSX-918V audio/video multi-channel receiver.

Many years ago, even more than a decade ago, I had something mentioned to me, and I want to look more into it now.

I have a speech synthesizer that outputs to a speaker. It is connected to my (main) computer in my office. In the past, it had the potential to speak, briefly, any time of the day or night. Having Caller ID, and having a box that hooks up to a serial port and reports caller ID information to my computer, I have a high-priority "daemon" that takes no CPU time, until caller ID information comes in. When caller ID information comes in, it looks in my "Address database", where I have an index of all telephone numbers of people I know. (If the number is found, it "fills in" the name from my address database [like "Jim and Wanda Doan is calling"]; if the number is not found, it speaks the number.)

In the past, this was just a nice thing to think about. I never did anything about it.

Now, my mother is starting to forget her pills and some things. I already have the computer speak "take your morning pills" and similar, but she really doesn't hear it any more.

What I have entertained doing, I now have more of a true NEED for...

I would like to know what kind of equipment would I need (and I would like to continue to use my existing stereo receiver box if possible, but if not I still want to know from you folks who can help me know exactly what I do need) to have the stereo receiver box, in the family room and on really all the time, during the day while I'm at work, with Mom who is usually watching TV. This would continue to be what is "broadcast" over the speakers that go throughout my house the vast majority of the time.

However, though (typically) not often and briefly "when it does speak", if the speech synthesizer does "say something", I'd like that to be broadcast either along with what the Pioneer receiver box is broadcasting (over the speakers near Mom where she would hear it) or if it is possible to have the Pioneer even "muted" during the brief times the speech synthesizer "has something to say" that would be even better.

I already have a long speaker cable run between the office and family room, so I could plug that cable into the speech synthesizer in the office in place of the speaker (which is only in the office) that is normally plugged in there. (Though I don't do it as often as I used to, I could TURN OFF the stereo receiver box [in order to make sure it didn't try to broadcast over the speakers at the same time] and use this cable and what the speech synthesizer "says" would go to all the speakers throughout the house.)

I hope this is clear enough. If I left out anything you need to know or wasn't clear enough such that you are possibly confused, please just ask me your question and I will gladly do my best to answer it.

Thank you!

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