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sobouk's Avatar sobouk 02:36 PM 02-14-2014

Hi everyone


I have recently purchased a Philips Stereo Media Centre (901) from my local charity shop. It seems to work fine when playing through my headphones but the speaker outputs are like nothing I have seen before.


I think it's a specific plug/connector I need but I'm not sure.


Please see attached some pictures and please, any help is would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!



grasshoppers's Avatar grasshoppers 02:50 PM 02-14-2014
sobouk's Avatar sobouk 02:52 PM 02-14-2014

Thanks grasshoppers but these aren't the correct connectors.

Djoel's Avatar Djoel 02:59 PM 02-14-2014
So are you missing the cables that goes from the main center part to the left, and right speakers?

budwich's Avatar budwich 03:04 PM 02-14-2014
I think you might have to look a bit closer at the suggested listing as there are "others" listed.... I think you need to find the spacing for your specific cables.
grasshoppers's Avatar grasshoppers 03:04 PM 02-14-2014
I can't seem to find any info on that unit!
You have a few options
1) try to contact Phillips directly. ( May be tough, unit seems quite dated)
2) take it back to the charity store.
3) take it to an electronic repair shop and see if they can help you out.
sobouk's Avatar sobouk 03:31 PM 02-14-2014

Budwich - I see what you mean but I contacted the eBay seller with photos and they said they don't sell these connectors.

grasshopper - yes it is quite old, early 1980s I think, so I may try taking to an electronic repair shop this weekend.

Thank you both for your help!

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