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banoncal's Avatar banoncal 09:55 PM 03-12-2014


just got my unit a week ago

all was fine

now i dont get the menu on screen 

and hdmi inputs dont show as well


looks like the main monitor out is dead...


any help please?



M Code's Avatar M Code 11:26 PM 03-12-2014
Try a Processor RESET..
Note that this will erase any station presets, EQ settings but will kleer out any corrupted memory..

Juts my $0.05... 👍😉
banoncal's Avatar banoncal 12:29 AM 03-13-2014
I tried it but still nothing
The hdmi sources are fine when connected directly to TV
M Code's Avatar M Code 12:08 PM 03-13-2014
Since the unit is only a week old, take it back and get it exchanged..
Since Denon shifted their higher end AVRs to China production, these strange type of failures have increased significantly...

Just my $0.05.... 👍😉
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 01:46 PM 03-13-2014
The 4520CI is mfr'd in Japan. Try a few resets in a row.
howard68's Avatar howard68 08:22 AM 03-15-2014
I feel for you I am in a fight with denon over an intermittent problem with my 4520 ci

try soft reset power off and unplug for 10 minutes
also try wiggling the cat 5 port at the back of the amp
I believe the amp suffers from major dry joints in electronic
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