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WhiskeyOmega's Avatar WhiskeyOmega 11:07 AM 07-03-2014
I got a problem.. Been driving me nuts. I got the oppo 103D. Ps4 and sky box all plugged into the brand spanking new onkyo nr636 and all out of sync when I watch a movie it goes out of sync. Audio a little before video. Tried factory restarts on all devices to no effect.

Not really any clue what it could be down to. But I got onkyo Germany looking at it. A onkyo UK service centre. LG and oppo. Until I can go back and find what mode it is in sync I'm stuck.

So confusing when you have this problem. But my initial thought is its a lip sync bug in the onkyo since changing picture modes doesn't effect it at all.

However the devices do work fine if I plug them directly into the tv and use Arc back to the avr . Strange.

DELTAsnake's Avatar DELTAsnake 02:34 PM 07-03-2014
My Onkyo has had the same problem since I got it last year. I just adjusted the lip sync manually for each input. But if someone has a better idea I'd like to hear it.
WhiskeyOmega's Avatar WhiskeyOmega 02:37 PM 07-03-2014
Yea I thought the av sync wasn't making a difference then I synced it with the sound from the tv. It was +380ms! A lot of lag on this TV
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