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08-07-2014 | Posts: 3
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Hi guys, I'm going a bit crazy here, it's my first post as this is first time I cant find solution myself.. even though it seems so trivial.. so please help, throw in any ideas.

Anyways: I have RCA LCD TV which I'm simply trying to connect to my Yamaha receiver with coaxial digital cable. I've set Digital Audio on my TV to "RAW" (as I read that PCM might not work), receiver is set to DVD (as this is the only coaxial input) and it doesn't work. Receiver and speakers are working, as I could listen to some music from laptop with simple jack connection. Here are the specs:

TV - RCA LED55C55R120Q; manual: http://download.oncorpus.com/UM%20LED55C55R120Q%20.pdf

AVR - Yamaha HTR-5940; manual: http://download.yamaha.com/search/pr...uct_id=1060689

cable - Dynex Coaxial Digital Audio.

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The digital inputs are assignable. The coax input in not fixed on the DVD input. It could be assigned to one of 6 different inputs.

Check pages 81 and 82 of your Yamaha manual. Also set the Input Mode to AUTO. It might be on analog right now which would explain why you aren't getting any sound.

PCM and RAW should both work. PCM is only 2 channel stereo whereas raw could be Dolby Digital 5.1.
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08-08-2014 | Posts: 3
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Thanks for trying to help.
I see there:
Choices: (3) CD, MD/CD-R...

I 've selected that yesterday, also put all on auto.

I there a way to reset the receiver to factory defaults?
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Should be listed in your Owner's manual.
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I'm an ass, I just needed to restore factory defaults, and set input again, you were right.

Thanks afrogt and jdsmoothie for helping.
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