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Solving amp needs. Good solution?

Hello all, on one of my new KEF Q700 the uni-Q speaker developed a slight popping sound at higher volumes. KEF is mailing a new one, when I inquired on what may of caused the problem (because I was confused in that I'm not even close to over powering them at 90 watts per channel) the KEF rep said that more problems occur when the speaker is underpowered & is less likely to have damage when you power a little over the recommended ratings.

Researched what feels like every pre, integrated, & power amplifier made & the amount of watts & number of channels was the issue I kept running into was majority being 2 channel when I'm wanting at least 5. The cost of amps that meet those needs & quality I'm looking for seem to start at 1,500.
Noticed a plunge of low prices (AVR that I saw priced at 600-900 2 months ago now at 200-300 on quality Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, etc AVR which seems to be partially due to companies getting new lines out that have Atmos (I did in getting the Onkyo TX-NR636) Instead of another amp would you advise against an additional AVR? I would have all the power, channels needed, & would also be able to add Auddessy Multi EQ X32.
I'd have 90 watts x 7 which would power them just over recommend ratings as he suggested I do.

Would this be a good solution?

Appreciate any advice. Have spent alot of time researching this
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Old 08-24-2014, 08:45 PM
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If you listen loud and that's why the speaker failed external amplification is worth your consideration. Excessive clipping results in a higher average power level according to some people who seem to know what they are talking about which in turn can lead to speaker driver failure ( the speakers are dying from excess power, but the excess power is due to clipping which is non intuitively caused by insufficient amplifier capacity

I never owned one, but if I was in the market the Outlaw 7125 would be on my short list. Non sale price 1k. I like it because it's not too heavy and has excellent performance into 4 ohms. At 125 watts / channel it should work with most speakers and rooms. Note that unlike most AVRs you can probably consider that 125 watts to be a minimum power per channel.

Of course you would need a receiver with preouts or some way to convert speaker to line level. That's the downside of external amps IMO. Their are fairly priced amps, but manufacturers pushed the preouts into their higher priced models. Used to be you could buy a Yamaha 600 series with preouts and connect it to an affordable amp for a very powerful and somewhat affordable solution.

Their are probably more powerful AVRs than what you have, but it doesn't that helpful to increase power by less than double what you have due to the logarithmic human hearing behavior ( you need double the power for a 3 dB increase in sound pressure level.)

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Yes, my current & the AVR I'm looking at have pre-outs. Don't know what line-level is though. Will look it up. My only concern was the connection of the two AVR'S, & how to get the additional 900 from the new AV, coming out the current one. Assuming that's similar to line-level.

Hard to even consider the Outlaw (though appreciate the suggestion) at that price when I can get AV that was 600 3 months ago for 150
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Old 08-25-2014, 01:09 AM
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Don't have two AVR's. Just keep your existing one, and if you want a power amplifier, get a power amplifier using the pre-outs. Outlaw, Emotiva and ATI are just three brands, from two channel, upto seven channels.

You could get a three channel for the front three, so your AV powers your side & surrounds. Or get a five or seven channel move all to external amps so your AVR is used as a AV pre only.

Line level (ie downmixed stereo, tape or VCR out) is fixed, you don't want to use those. If you plug them into a power amp your speakers will blow up.

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