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Runesil 02:48 AM 08-27-2014
Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of setting up my first "real" Home Theater system and I've run into a major (HUGE) problem. I think the receiver I bought (Sony STR-DN1050) is broken, but I'm not sure if I know enough about this whole process that I can legitimately return it for an exchange (purchased from I don't think it should be this complicated (or maybe I'm just being stupid...)

The short story is that I can't get anything more than a buzzing sound from any speakers connected to the speaker terminals, or from the headphone jack. HDMI sound (and video) passthrough to the TV seems to be working fine.

My setup:
2) TV receiver
3) Bluray player
4) Apple TV

All are connected to the AV receiver via HDMI connections, and then a single HDMI cable output to my Samsung UE55F6470 TV. With no speakers attached (I didn't have any yet) I can output the HDMI sound to AMP+TV and receive sound and video on the TV with no problems. I bought a set of 5.1 surround speakers (Harmon Kardon HKTS 16) but when I hook them up nothing comes out except a static/buzzing sound.

I've tried every possible connection type that I can manage to see if i can figure out what is going on, but no matter what I do I can't get anything out of the speakers.

-Factory reset of receiver
-All speakers connected
-Single speaker connected to various terminals
-Subwoofer connected and disconnected
-New speaker wire for speakers
-Different speakers (proven to be working)
-Confirmed my speakers work on a different stereo receiver
-FM tuner
-Optical cable from Apple TV to receiver
-Optical cable from Samsung TV to receiver (with sound output to external speakers)

I'd appreciate any input, or at least some reassurance that it truly does look like the receiver is bad and needs replacement.


kikkenit2's Avatar kikkenit2 10:50 PM 08-27-2014
Did you switch receiver to amp only? Try disconnecting tv and output audio only.
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Runesil 01:08 AM 08-28-2014
Yes, I tried with no HDMI input or output and only an optical cable attached from the Apple TV.
I also set the receiver to be "AMP" only.

Judging from the lack of responses it sounds like it's not just me being ignorant, so I'll initiate an exchange for it.

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 01:12 AM 08-28-2014
did you plug in the microphone and run the speaker calibration test?
Runesil 01:26 AM 08-28-2014
Yes, but it always fails because there's no sound coming from the speakers.

I ran the Easy Speaker Calibration setup option, as well as doing a manual speaker calibration and configuring it for 2.1 sound as well as 2.0 (depending on what i had hooked up at the time).

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 01:35 AM 08-28-2014
there's a speakers button above the power switch. did you try that?

If nothing works then maybe you did get a defective unit. It happens sometimes.
Runesil 01:41 AM 08-28-2014
I tried this Speaker button also.
There's an audible "click" and the static/buzzing from the speakers stops, until of course I turn it back on again...

I can hear the same "click" when i plug the headphones in, but I can't get sound from the headphones either ... only static.

I've already ordered a new one. Hopefully it'll be here early next week and we'll see how it goes!
Very frustrating I have to say.
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 11:34 AM 08-28-2014
Hopefully you didn't have to "buy" another one but the vendor sent you a replacement. That defective receiver has to be under warranty.
Runesil 01:20 AM 08-29-2014
Nope ... don't have to pay for another one!
I bought it from Amazon so they will cross-ship a new one. I have 30 days to return this defective one (with free return shipping, thankfully)..

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