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khactuyen's Avatar khactuyen 06:56 AM 11-19-2014
Hello, please give me some advice about choising Pre/AVR for my HT: Onkyo 1030 and integra dhc-80.3? Atmos for enought good to upgrade? my room size: 3,6x6x3,6m (WxDxH) with acoustics.
My gear: ONkyo 3010 (as pre, upgrading), BK 200.7 pow, KLipsch RF7II front, BW HTM1 center, KL KS525 SR and PSA XS30SE sub.
Thanks all.

mjobtx's Avatar mjobtx 01:37 PM 11-20-2014
My installer told me that my DHC 80.3 was not upgradeable to Dolby Atmos so if Atmos is your thing, choose something else. As far as whether or not Atmos is worth it, you know you will get very divergent answers to that question. I am getting old so my eyes and ears will probably never know the difference. The 80.3 has been an amazing upgrade for me at a much lower cost that my previous Lexicon MC12-B.

Personally, I would not upgrade by 80.3 for an 80.6 which can handle Atmos because Integra dumped Audyssey for a proprietary equalization program.
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