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Cyrano's Avatar Cyrano 11:43 AM 12-25-2013
My vr-507 (basement HT) has this problem of the remote not working until I bang on the receiver. (I keep a small tool handy for this purpose. smile.gif )
Now with this thread I may have a real fix. Great, will try.

I also have a newer Denon 1705 (Living room sound) that lost the subwoofer output signal.

And in my main HT I have a new HK AVR1650 (Main HT) which works great, although the HDMI configuration limits versatility, IMO. Great sounding receiver though.

Hemioutlaw's Avatar Hemioutlaw 10:05 PM 02-22-2014

Long live this thread and Hopefully my VR-507,have had mine for many many years now and the remote had been dead for over eight of em,Well just had to finally pitch the TV when after a week of searching I can no longer get bulbs for it.Anyway bought a new flat screen and right off the Ol'lady's  bitchin about not being to mute or turn down the volume with the remote on the VR-507 so I started searching to see if I could buy a new IR unit and that's when I found this thread.Opened up the receiver and damned if the posts solder job didn't look just like the pics someone was kind enough to share.After a trip to the Shack to get a lower wattage solder iron (a variable 15/30 watt for 15 bucks) I soldered it up and put it back together. Then hooked everything back up,crossed my fingers and "well I'll be damned" it worked.WooooooooooHooooooooooo!!!!!

Happy Campers all around and probably gonna get some tail outta the deal. Now if I can just get that center speaker working----Hmmmmm ???    Thank Ya'all

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