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F355's Avatar F355 10:07 AM 07-29-2004
has anyone bought the sherwood digital receiver? It's solved ONE problem that plagues most other digital receivers .... sensible crossover freqs.
i think you can set it down to 40 if you want.

Earz's Avatar Earz 10:15 AM 07-29-2004

Originally posted by F355
has anyone bought the sherwood digital receiver? It's solved ONE problem that plagues most other digital receivers .... sensible crossover freqs.
i think you can set it down to 40 if you want.

Unless you have woofers that are 4 3/4 in diameter or less. you should be running in full range whith any of the digital receivers imo.

The 2005 has 60hz setting and the JVC RX-10 has an 80 hz setting for there lowest settings.

I was not able to order a Sherwood Newcastle through the mail as they are sold showroom direct only.
tokyogeno's Avatar tokyogeno 05:40 PM 07-29-2004
I've been looking at the Yamaha RX-SL100 which is only 6.1, anyone aware of when/if a 7.1 model will be coming?
Rimbaud's Avatar Rimbaud 06:49 PM 07-29-2004
The RX-SL100 hasn't even been released in N. America yet! Yamaha and Denon seem to think there is greater acceptance of digitally-amped receivers outside of N. America (Denon has the AVR-770SD available in the rest of the world).

I agree with bartman, the killer product will be digitally-amped receivers with room correction. I hope to see digital receivers in higher price/feature brackets soon (HK doesn't count, in my book).
tokyogeno's Avatar tokyogeno 07:05 PM 07-29-2004
I can pick up the Yamaha in Tokyo, but if it was just a few weeks until a 7.1 was available I would wait.

Earz's Avatar Earz 07:28 PM 07-29-2004

Originally posted by bartman_451
Quick question from someone new to the idea of digital amps -- are they going to start putting these amps in receivers with room correction/optimization technology soon? It seems to me that would be when they could really shine -- doing all the processing in digital, and keeping it in digital, instead of D/A and A/D conversions. I'm eagerly awaiting a 150watt X 7 channel digital amp version of something like the Denon AVR-3805. I guess it'll be a few years for that though. Lots of folks are pretty married to analog amps, and too many confuse the weight of an amp and its quality.

I beleive has there all digital H/T processor whith three all digital amps and room correction on sale for around 16k, if your interested.

The Pany 45 has transparency that no analog receiver regardless of price, can match imo, and neither could my 8k Parasound halo c2/ Legacy (Coda) 250 x 5 into 8 ohm hi current us made power amp.

Just think what the Tact gear using better parts and build must sound like?
M Code's Avatar M Code 08:48 PM 07-29-2004

Originally posted by Earz
Unless you have woofers that are 4 3/4 in diameter or less. you should be running in full range whith any of the digital receivers imo.

The 2005 has 60hz setting and the JVC RX-10 has an 80 hz setting for there lowest settings.

I was not able to order a Sherwood Newcastle through the mail as they are sold showroom direct only.

The DPR2005 can go down to 40Hz as it lowest setting for the subwoofer..
faheem5's Avatar faheem5 09:07 PM 07-29-2004
2 Questions

1. Whats the status on the release of the Panasonic XR70. I belive the date was July, but anyone know when to expect it.

2. I am hearing mix stories about digital amp reciever driving 4 ohm speakers. I am thinking about picking up Polk LSi9 later down the line, and using the digital amp to power them.
a. Is it true that digital amp can drive 4 ohm better than analog recievers?
b. Anyone out their driving 4 ohm speaker with digital amp?? What has your experince been??

beowulf7's Avatar beowulf7 11:33 PM 07-29-2004
faheem, a Panasonic press release earlier this year said the SA-XR70 will be out August 2004. But after a couple of us called Panasonic and some vendors, it looks like October 2004 is more likely.
F355's Avatar F355 11:58 PM 07-29-2004

Originally posted by Earz

The 2005 has 60hz setting and the JVC RX-10 has an 80 hz setting for there lowest settings.

i guess the panasonic and kenwood are the only culprits, as far as bass managemnt goes.
C.Y.'s Avatar C.Y. 10:59 AM 07-30-2004

Originally posted by Tack
When visiting Best Buy there are almost always open box pannys there for sale. Someone is returning them.

Does BB carry panny xr50? I didn't see it in store nor on their website. I'd like to get it at local store and try it out.
Daryl L's Avatar Daryl L 12:35 PM 07-30-2004
Here's the Yammy RX-SL100 Manual from the U.S. website if anyone is interested. Here's the RX-SL100 Brochure from the Japan website.

If you want this digital receiver now in the U.S. it's included in the YHT-F1500 HTIB. Here's the brochure that includes it.

Looks interesting. Very nice OSD with flexable setup.
Looks like the X-over is 90Hz fixed.
No component inputs.
1 Coaxial Digital input
3 Optical Digital inputs (1 in front)
No Dolby Headphones (Yammy uses their own version called Silent Cinema)
No Dolby Virtual Speaker (Yammy uses their own version called Virtual Cinema)

makes it possible to
hear large-scale surround sound
through ordinary headphones! This is a
variation of CINEMA DSP technology
that Yamaha developed to let you listen
in private to movies and other multichannel
sources for hours without
listening fatigue.

lets you enjoy the effects of CINEMA
DSP surround sound without using
surround speakers (handy for use in
custom installations where some rooms
don't have surround speakers). It can
be used with the front/centre/presence
speakers or even with just the two front
left and right speakers.


Built-in 6-channel original Yamaha digital pwer amplifier
Minimum RMS output power
(0.9% THD, 1kHz, 6 ohm)
Front 70 W + 70 W
Center 70 W
Surround 70 W + 70 W
Surround Back 70 W

(10% THD, 1kHz, 4 ohm)
Front 75 W + 75 W
Center 75 W
Surround 75 W + 75 W
Surround Back 75 W

Kevin L K's Avatar Kevin L K 07:19 AM 07-31-2004
Hi everybody,

I posted a little out-of-the-box review of the JVC in that huge thread over at AudioCircle and I just wanted to chime in here with my experience with the JVC RX-ES1 as well since so many people are interested in these little wonders

Earz said:

I already ruled this receiver out for HT. as it shut off whith the volume at 30 during LOTR in dd ex mode last night and the volume tops out at 50.

I have listened to a total of 9 DVDs set up for 5.1 with the JVC. I have Polk RTi4s all around and a JBL PB-12 subwoofer--in other words a very MODEST system. I have had the volume up to 32 which is absolutely UNBEARABLY loud for my listening area( approx 12 X 15 )to the point where my wife and daughter have left the house to go somewhere else while "daddy plays with his system" The receiver has NEVER shut down once and never sounded distorted or compressed--just so 'freakin loud I could not stand it. I have played a total of 3 entire DVDs with the volume at 32--not just for a few minutes, and the receiver just hummed along and never overloaded or shut down.

I don't want people to become discouraged about using these receivers for 5.1 or 6.1 duties even though Earz did have a bad experience.

Earz said:

Unless you have woofers that are 4 3/4 in diameter or less. you should be running in full range whith any of the digital receivers imo

I think that might be part of the problem Earz as to why your receiver shut down while watching a DVD. I must respectfully disagree with that statement--and I do realize you said IMO --physical size of a driver should NEVER determine at what point the crossover should be set to. I realize physics is physics but you should always use frequency response to determine at what point a crossover should be set to. I even go one better and let my in-room frequency response decide where the crossover is set to ( if the receiver allows it ). Running 5.1 or 6.1 duties with all speakers set to large is a BAD idea and puts HUGE demands on your receiver. There are a lot of analog receivers that can't do that so I wouldn't expect these little "mini me" receivers to able to as well. I realize there are always exceptions to everything but unless you have 5 or 6 full-range speakers that can actually put out 20-20--and that is exceedingly rare, you should always set speakers to small for home theater duty.My Polks are set to small and I use the 80Hz crossover on the JVC and have no shut down problems. Maybe it's the FX-10's that have this problem since they're 6.1 as opposed to my ES1 which is only 5.1? Maybe they're cheating and using the same power supply for both models?

I just wanted to say that I actually sold my Pioneer Elite 45TX and bought the JVC RX-ES1SL for $179 + shipping and I think it actually sounds better !! I sh!t you not and feel somewhat embarrassed by that statement, and I'm sure there will be people here thinking "What--is he high or something--is he crazy?!?!" The 45TX is obviously a classic and has WAY more features & options and sounds fantastic BUT--I hear what I hear and for me these new little digital receivers are the wave of the future. Listening to Joe Satriani is just nirvana--the tube-like sound of the JVC compliments the sound of his guitar playing so perfectly I have never heard music sound this good in my life--it sounds VERY tubey--digital all the way baby!
Alex solomon's Avatar Alex solomon 08:07 AM 07-31-2004
Kevin L K, have you compared the JVC with the other digital receivers such as panasonic XR45, Kenwood 7100 and the like? Have you listened to the JVC RX F-10?
Kevin L K's Avatar Kevin L K 09:39 AM 07-31-2004
Hi Alex,

No, I have not had the opportunity to listen to any of the Pannys or the Kenwoods. Those are supposed to be very similiar sonically from what I've read and I would definitely like to listen to them along with the Yamaha, Sherwood, Denon and especially the Sony ES Direct Drive digital receivers if time/money allows

I listen to 5.1 (DVDs) a lot more then music, and I wanted the JVC because of it's bass management--crossover settings of 80Hz and up--whereas the Pannys only have crossover settings that start at 100Hz, so the Panny was NOT an option for me. I realize there is a lot of "controversy" regarding crossover points and most people with the Panny seem to have no problem with 100Hz but for MY set up that was not going to work at all so I jumped on the JVC when I saw it had an 80Hz setting.

The F-10 is the exact same as my ES1--the only differences being the F-10 is 6.1 ( ES1 is 5.1 ), has an additional optical input ( 3 optical & 1 coaxial vs. 2 optical & 1 coaxial for the ES1 ), has an equilizer for tone settings ( ES1 has bass & treble ) and is a wee bit different cosmetically.

It's important to understand that everyone's "mileage will vary", and I'm not saying these receivers are better then analog receivers costing thousands more ( because other's have already been bold enough to make that statement ) but at their price points these receivers offer outstanding VALUE.
Alan Gouger's Avatar Alan Gouger 02:15 PM 07-31-2004
I like the fact that those who have heard one of these digital receivers Panny/JVC/Kenwood ect, all agree we are hearing the same sonic improvement verses analog amps.

Digital being the future is something we all happily agree on.

Its nice to see some of elite audiophiles reporting they prefer the sound of these $200 wonders compared to some of their respected hi end named products.
Earz's Avatar Earz 06:00 PM 07-31-2004
Kevin, I am fully aware that the diameter of the woofer is not the only determining factor as to where to xover your speakers , or in my case NOT xover your speakers.

Your JVC manual does actually say to use the large setting unless your speakers are smaller than 4 3/4 inches or smaller. which I am sure is a generalazation on there part.

If your keeping up whith all the digitals since the Pany arrived, you will find that any that mention there setting use Large, and skip the xover completely, which seems to be right on par whith what the manufactuer suggests in your case.

I use the large setting and adjust the sub or subs in my case to blend in.

I also do this whith the Kenwood 7100 and Pany 45 whithout problem at ear bleeding levels.

The RX-10 did run whith a few other dvd's whithout shutting down, but I have yet to try it whith a really dynamic dvd since that incedent.
Kevin L K's Avatar Kevin L K 08:23 PM 07-31-2004
Hi Earz--I meant no disrespect towards you and you know more about these digital receivers than I do from reading your posts over at AudioCircle forum.

Having said that, what I was doing was simply pointing out some commonly "accepted" ways of setting up a "typical" system for 5.1 or 6.1. I simply raised some very valid points because a lot of people are confused when it comes to bass management or home theater in general, plus I have had personal experience--more then once-- with receivers that shut down during a DVD when all speakers are set to large and a really demanding passage comes up and pffft-it's shut down time--that's all

Earz said:

Your JVC manual does actually say to use the large setting unless your speakers are smaller than 4 3/4 inches or smaller. which I am sure is a generalazation on there part.

You got that right--japanese manuals or a lot of manuals for that matter are notorious for ill-concieved and inacurate information.

As far as people who have the Panny and have been setting their mains to large, almost EVERY POST I have read with this scenario were people who were setting their systems up for 2-channel exclusively. I have hardly read ANY posts regarding how people like their Pannys for 5.1 or 6.1. Can some people who are using their Pannys for home theater duties--not 2-channel--and have set all speakers or mains to large chime in here with whether or not their Panny receiver can handle the load at high SPLs?
sethwas's Avatar sethwas 01:35 PM 08-01-2004
Samsung makes one and pairs it with some no-name speakers, and samsung has another where it's combined with Klipsch speakers.

sdaccord01's Avatar sdaccord01 02:30 PM 08-01-2004
I have all the pieces to my HT right now except for the receiver, is the XR70 really worth it compared to getting the XR50 right now? I'm looking at not modding the power supply or any of the components, just stock. I have a panasonic 42pwd6uy plasma coming this thursday and fluance sx-htb speakers already
dllawson's Avatar dllawson 05:53 PM 08-01-2004
Sorry to post this again, but realized it was in the wrong thread.

I've been watching the discussion with great interest, and can live with any of the digital "wonders" from an audio, and HT standpoint. Of course I want it all, and am wondering if there is any degradation of the video component signal for HDTV purposes. I read at the Audio Circle that at least the Kenwood 7100 switches without issue, and that the original Panasonics had issues at well (hopefully upgraded in the 70). Any comments from those who own the JVC F10?

sethwas's Avatar sethwas 08:18 PM 08-01-2004
P.S. There are alot of HTIB systems which have receivers the size of DVD players (and usually including them). Are these counted since I'm assuming the receivers that come are digital due to their small size?

dlhunt0410's Avatar dlhunt0410 11:25 AM 08-04-2004
I just installed the Harmon Kardon DPR 1001 at my brother place. I didn't have time to set up his surround speakers yet. Anyone else bought one of these yet?


tokyogeno's Avatar tokyogeno 08:12 PM 08-04-2004
I just got the Yamaha RX-SL100 in the mail last night, will be spending more time on it this weekend. So far I'm pleased.

orijonl's Avatar orijonl 11:26 AM 08-05-2004
Scanning through the posts, it appears the the panny xr45 is the clear favorite here, with the the Kenwood 7100 coming in at a close second and the JVC taking third place. Before I had read this thread I would have dismissed these receivers almost immediately because of their price, but now they seem to be a better fit for my system than a traditional receiver. I don't have a particularly hard system to drive(8 ohm, 88db Infinity sats), but I'm concerned about getting enough power to satisfy my needs. Also, I'm wondering why the HK digital models are not as popular as some of the others. With the HK DPR 1001 available at around $400, it isn't a matter of value versus expense anymore. I live in a fairly rural area and don't have the opportunity to audtition these units so I will have to rely in some part on the experience and opinions of the members of this and other forums that I often read. So honestly what do you guys think, if price were not involved would the HK 1001 be comparable to the Panny?

dlhunt0410's Avatar dlhunt0410 11:33 AM 08-05-2004
Where can you get the HK DPR 1001 for $400?


Alex solomon's Avatar Alex solomon 01:51 PM 08-05-2004
Originally posted by dlhunt0410
Where can you get the HK DPR 1001 for $400?



Circuit City had them for $449.99 on clearance last week. Worth calling and checking a few CC stores around your area.
Jubal Harshaw Jr's Avatar Jubal Harshaw Jr 05:20 PM 08-05-2004
It seems to me that at $400, the DPR 1001 is a great bargain: a latest-tech, high-end receiver at a low-end price. I just bought one from CC for around that price, after reading many informative posts on this great forum. I think it has plenty of power (a frequently expressed concern) for my 20 x 30 room, but if I were a power junkie, at that price I would buy one to use as a preamp.

I can't let go of my old 2-channel audio stuff completely, so I have an HK T-60 turntable (w/ Shure V15vmr) connected to the DPR 1001 through an Adcom GFP-565 that serves as a phono preamp. My vinyl sounds just fine with this rig. I'm an HT beginner, but so far, my DPR 1001, Hitachi 57S700, and Denon DVM-1815 provide an excellent home theater experience. And when I spin some vinyl...
Alan Gouger's Avatar Alan Gouger 05:38 PM 08-05-2004

What can you tell us about the Yamaha. Not familiar with that one but Im glad to see them offering something digital.
tokyogeno's Avatar tokyogeno 08:38 PM 08-05-2004
So far I have 3 of the 6 speakers hooked up (Gallo Micros with the passive sub) and the MPS subwoofer. I've only had a few minutes to listen to it, but I'm basically pleased.

In terms of setup the onscreen display is very intuitive, I'm still determining which sound I like best but they make it very easy to compare sound levels with various speakers (L -C ) (L- Sub) (R-C), etc.

If anyone has any specific questions I'd be glad to answer.

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