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Shopping-TVs's Avatar Shopping-TVs 10:33 PM 04-25-2005
Just pulled the trigger on the 1015 from Onecall. They matched price and included 3 Day Fed Ex delivery.

pheck's Avatar pheck 11:29 PM 04-25-2005
JR shows $499. Did you call and get a better price than that from them?
dae3dae3's Avatar dae3dae3 06:19 AM 04-26-2005

Originally posted by pheck
JR shows $499. Did you call and get a better price than that from them?

Actually, JR shows $499 and says "For current availability and the lowest pricing, please call our Toll Free Number." Follow directions and you shall receive your rewards.

I called and got better pricing and free shipping. I'm not going to quote the price I received because it may have changed since Saturday but it took about 45 seconds for me to get through to a real person and get a price.
Micah008's Avatar Micah008 07:59 AM 04-26-2005
Here is an updated list of the differences between the 1014 and the 1015: (sorry to those who have seen this before, but this way it keeps this list in the newest part of the thread)

New Features:
- 3rd Component video input (instead of 2)
- 100Mhz Component Video (instead of 40Mhz)
- THX "Select 2" certified (instead of just "Select")
- New THX Music, Game, and Select2 Cinema modes
- New THX setting for distance between Surround Rear speakers (used with 7.1 only, to help with their new THX processing modes)
- WMA9-Pro decoding
- Dolby PLIIx can now be used with a DTS source
- Optical Inputs are in a different location on the back panel
- Blue LED on power button (instead of no LED)
- Some new setup recommendations from THX in the manual.
- Setup microphone is slightly different, now has a plastic base, rather than a removable foam one.

Other Notes:
- The advertised 120W per channel (instead of 110W of the 1014) is really just a difference in how the marketing people wrote it up. They are both 0.08% THD at 110 Watts, which probably means they are identical internally.
- There still is not an A/V sync delay feature.
- The remote is unchanged. (No new Multichannel Input button, as has been asked about.)
- MCACC is unchanged. (Does not work with sub)

- Does it work better with Dish receivers? (??)

Please add to this if there is anything I missed... or correct me if I am wrong anywhere.
Shopping-TVs's Avatar Shopping-TVs 09:37 AM 04-26-2005

Originally posted by pheck
JR shows $499. Did you call and get a better price than that from them?

Yes, I called JRand they gave me a better price. I decided to go with One Call since they mathced the price and shipping and are on the west coast so transit time to California will be shorter.
Tivolicious's Avatar Tivolicious 11:10 AM 04-26-2005
Discrete Commands

Does anyone know the level of "discrete-i-ness" this unit offers? Currently, I'm using a Kenwood unit that is God's gift to the control freaks (i.e. rs-232 control with discrete commands for just about everything).

I'm not familiar with the SR+ of the Pioneer and how it relates to non-Pioneer equipment. Specifically, girder controlled. As such, I'll make the assumption that it's worthless (and be pleasantly surprised if told differently).

That said, the question becomes can I:

- Have Power OFF/Power ON
- Access different inputs directly?
- Set sound modes directly?
- Does the unit have auto-digital that will auto decode DTS/AC-3/WMA9 but when it receives LPCM fall back to "Movie?"

In short, is it possible to run this unit without EVER sending either a toggle or a cycle command?

sfhub's Avatar sfhub 12:29 PM 04-26-2005
The receiver definitely supports IR discreteOn, discreteOff, and discrete
input selects. Don't know about the others. I don't belive the stock
remote supports discreteOn/Off, so you'll need a remote that supports
advanced codes or one which lets you program additional functions (vs
only learning additional functions)
Diggit2001's Avatar Diggit2001 08:05 AM 04-27-2005
I got my 1015 and my new speakers yesterday and spent the evening hooking everything up. The only problem I have so far is with my video output. Before I got this receiver, I had my DVD, cable box and TiVo all running through my TV (A Mitsubishi 52725 DLP). Now I have everything running through my receiver. I now notice serious picture quality degradation when viewing HD content. I'm not sure if theres anything that can be done about this or not, except for running the video signal from the cable box directly to the TV again. I'm using component video from the cable box to receiver and from receiver to TV and they're decent cables (THX certified monster cables). The main problem with the picture quality is shadowing and a bit of graininess.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or can anyone recommend any other options to fix this?

FIVE ONE SIX's Avatar FIVE ONE SIX 10:42 AM 04-27-2005
i'm just curious, how accurate is the power rating on both the 1014 and 1015? i'm asking because i just purchased 6 Athena Audition Series B1's, and their maximum power rating is 125 watts, i'm just a bit worried that the 1014 or 1015 will push them too hard. do you think the 1015 would work well with them, or should i go with something with a little less power, like say the Onkyo 602?

the 1015 sounds like a great receiver, i've heard nothing but great things about the 1014, but i would prefer to have the newer 1015 over the older 1014 if i was going to use a Pioneer.
jvgillow's Avatar jvgillow 10:47 AM 04-27-2005
I use four B1s with my 1015 as rears and I've had no problems with power handling. They're pretty tough speakers and even using them as mains I don't think you'll have any problem as long as you don't push them to distortion.
dae3dae3's Avatar dae3dae3 11:28 AM 04-27-2005
It much more likely to hurt speakers with an under powered receiver than with an overpowered receiver. An under powered amp section will clip and cause damage to the speakers when you turn them up. A high power receiver will play the speakers at high volumes with clean sound and will probably make you give up before the speakers do.

I wouldn't worry about "too much" power at all.
BALDheadedGRL's Avatar BALDheadedGRL 12:51 PM 04-27-2005
the 1015 is now at bestbuy i checked the site and went to the store today....will be picking one up the next sale for my new place...

<<<< 1015 at BESTBUY >>>>
ironfoot995's Avatar ironfoot995 06:22 PM 04-27-2005
Etronics shipped my 1015 and a couple of rear surrounds today. What gauge speaker wire is recommended? Should I buy some banana plugs for the bare ends of the speaker wire?

Deja-vue's Avatar Deja-vue 07:10 PM 04-27-2005
Excellent Speaker wire !

please, don't buy the Home-Depot wire.

Deja-vue's Avatar Deja-vue 07:14 PM 04-27-2005
Deja-vue's Avatar Deja-vue 07:15 PM 04-27-2005
hmmm, the last link didn't work for some reason.

search E-bay for Item number: 5755112665.

good luck!
tvset's Avatar tvset 08:17 PM 04-27-2005

Originally posted by Deja-vue
Excellent Speaker wire !

please, don't buy the Home-Depot wire.

Since equal power output to all 7 speakers, do I need to use same size (12ga.) and length for all speakers?
Shopping-TVs's Avatar Shopping-TVs 08:26 PM 04-27-2005

Originally posted by BALDheadedGRL
the 1015 is now at bestbuy i checked the site and went to the store today....will be picking one up the next sale for my new place...

<<<< 1015 at BESTBUY >>>>

You can order one online for about $70 less including shipping. Just got mine today from Onecall. Haven't had a chance to hook it up.
{Godlightsoul}'s Avatar {Godlightsoul} 08:32 PM 04-27-2005
what about
these. does good banana plugs really make that much of a difference?

Deja-vue's Avatar Deja-vue 09:39 PM 04-27-2005

what about these?


It's all about far you want to go, is entirely up to you.
I got the ones on E-Bay....excellent quality and fast shipping.
I bought a couple of hundred...some for me, some for my Customers.
About the Speaker-wire:
Go as large as you can.
just my 2 cents.

x_fiddle's Avatar x_fiddle 09:40 PM 04-27-2005
Just a heads up, I went to Best Buy today and it seemed that they were pretty eager to get the 1014's off the shelf. The store I went to had 3 boxed ones in stock and a pile of 1015's waiting off to the side to go on the shelf.

After talking to the manager for about 20 mins he allowed me to purchase one of the brand new 1014tx's they had in stock with a store open box discount plus they let me use the internet 20% off open box coupon on top of that. Ended up walking out of there with the unit for $275 after taxes when all said and done.

I you can find a store with multiple new 1014s in stock it might be worth it to tray and haggle the price down (if you can find a nice manager) since they are trying to get the 1015s in.
tfs's Avatar tfs 09:51 AM 04-28-2005
No one has yet answered the question about whether or not the 1015 has issues with Dish Network. That's a potential deal breaker for me. Or, did I miss it?
dalbrit1's Avatar dalbrit1 09:58 AM 04-28-2005
I'll second tfs' question about Dish Network compatibility. Also, still wondering if anyone has used the WMA-Pro decoding, just to see how it work and what the parameters are.


audio newbie's Avatar audio newbie 11:00 AM 04-28-2005
Dish Network compatibility is also a deal breaker for me too. That is one of the reason why I did not get the 1014.
pheck's Avatar pheck 11:07 AM 04-28-2005
i'll post my findings after i get the 1015 set up with my dish this weekend.
audio newbie's Avatar audio newbie 11:25 AM 04-28-2005

What dish receiver model do you have?
pheck's Avatar pheck 11:35 AM 04-28-2005
Ja Phule's Avatar Ja Phule 12:49 PM 04-28-2005
I think the 811 was one of the few dish recievers that worked with the 1014.
epsilon's Avatar epsilon 01:00 PM 04-28-2005
Anyone know if the Dish 6000 works?
Pion's Avatar Pion 04:28 PM 04-28-2005
My BB had the display 1014 left in stock. It was dusty, had no box, no remote, no mic. It was listed as clearance for $450. They said they would only give me 10% off for open box, even though it was missing $100 worth of accessories. The absolute lowest they would go was $360, thats after the extra 20% coupon from their website. Boy was the manager mad when I whipped that out. I tried to explain to him that 1014's go for $350 NEW, and that charging $360 (before tax) for an open box, no box, no manual, no remote, no mic model was ABSURD. He just gave me a glib response that $360 was the lowest they could go. This was the same manager that wouldn't sell me the Athena B1 floor models because "they weren't discontinued, and they were getting more in next week". This was last week. Now they don't have any Athenas left and took down all the signs for them. What a ****ing prick!
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