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Hey guys...I'm a newbie here. I just purchased a used Onkyo TX-DS575X AV receiver. The volume goes from 0 to 70, but the sound really doesn't seem to come on until you reach 40 or so. Is it common for the volume on this fairly new (about 4 year old) receiver to come on so gradually? I just want to make sure that I didn't buy someone else's problem. I have an older Onkyo receiver and the sound increases quite a bit faster when you turned it up.

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I have an Onkyo TX-DS797 (3 years old). It goes from 0 to 100, with reference level at 82 (the display actually says "Ref" instead of 82), and I just start to hear sibilance's at about 37, and dialog isn't really intelligible until I turn it up even more. So, I think you're Onkyo is perfectly normal.
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Great...good to know!
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Some Onkyos have a user configuration to allow you to set the maximum volume to be less than the actual volume. That way you don't blow your speakers by mistake. If you bought it used, it is possible this setting was used by the previous owner. It was my impression most Onkyos go 0-100.

Other than that, I usually listen to my Onkyo at -30db to -15db, which probably translates to around 55-80 on the volume dial, however the volume #s are not necessarily the same across receivers.

If you can turn the volume high enough for your tastes, without distortion, I wouldn't worry about what the volume indicator says.
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