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Ok, first post, so please be patient...

I just purchased a home so I thought it would be a good time to buy a new tv. I ended up with a Sony 60" SXRD-XBR.

I now have started looking for a good speaker set up to match the tv. I went up to the bose outlet in Park City and thought about the AM16II. But after reading about everyone's opinion about bose, I decided against it...

Long story short, I am now looking at the Denon 4306, Denon 2807, Yamaha HTR 6090, and Yamaha RXV2600. I noticed the 4306 "upconverts" to 720, 1080 whereas the 2307 does not. I'm not sure if the Yamaha does this as well? But this sounds like something I want in order to get the best picture?

Anyway, I have Polk RTI-6's, PSW505, CSI5, and RTI-4's. Other than getting good sound (which I can easily do at 110 watts/channel), I want to ensure that I can view the best possible picture on the screen, and be able to when new technology (blu-ray) becomes more affordable.

Can you help me understand what I need? All of this HDMI/upconvert/etc...language has confused me beyond explanation.

Please help guide me in the right direction! Thanks!!
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Congrats on your new home. Today's video choices are bewildering, as you have noted. One of the issues is with the "upconverting". The picture signal is converted , IMO, too many times along most folk's signal paths, degraded a bit each time a conversion takes place. You want your picture messed with as few times as possible on its way to your display.

Almost all of the video components today offer some sort of upconversion. Some do it well, some horribly. When they are combined, PQ is often worsened.

One would think that a dedicated display device, like a top quality DVD player that did upconversion, would pay more attention to the pic quality than would a receiver that also did conversion. I let my Denon 2910 do the upconversion on my DVDs and simply turn the upconversion features off on the receiver, which in this case acts as only a video switch. Same with the input from my HD Tivo unit.

Depending on the resolution of your new screen, what your sources send it might not match the screen size pixel for pixel, and then yet another conversion takes place!

But lets think about what you are upconverting for a second, and just how it is accomplished. Standard definition source material on a HD display often looks crummy, no matter how you convert it. Plus, the converter is making guesses on what the pixels in between the SD resolution and the upconverted rez should look like - this is sometimes WORSE than just displaying the SD resolution on its own.

I find that SD sources look best on my set when displayed in 480p, vs 720 or 1080.

There will be very little need to convert a HD signal, most people can't really tell the diff between 720p and 1080i anyway.

DVDs do benefit from upconverting, SOMETIMES. I find that a 720p upconversion looks great on my plasma, but the 1080 isn't so great.

Anyway, you have a lot more to think about, but I wouldn't put your eggs in the receiver/video conversion feature. Probably better money spent on source components.
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Have you checked out an Onkyo 804? Crutchfield has it on sale for $750.00 and it is a quite outstanding AV 7.1 Receiver. Very clean and dynamic sound.
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