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Originally Posted by CherylJosie View Post
I just started using REW this past week. The Linux version seems to have some bugs and unfinished features but it does have some very sophisticated capability. Issue for me is I have never done any serious audio before and some of the analysis capability of REW lies outside the bounds of my education/experience.

Plan on taking your time learning REW and whatever you do, don't rely on people like me for advice in using it! (at least not until I sort of know what I am doing with it...)

Recommend you start your own thread about integrating this line of speakers with a sub in a multichannel system. There must be more than one person in the world having similar issues and you might also get more specifically targeted responses too if your posts are in their own thread.

Yea, clearly this is way beyond the scope of an Audyssey issue. Sorry everyone for clogging up the thread!

I'll probably have some posts in the REW thread as I'm learning it, and then I'll create my own thread once I have actual data. I'll post a quick update here in the future when I've re-arranged everything and figured out the crossover issue too. Get some new photos too.

Thanks everyone for your help! I look forward to hearing my setup properly Audyssey'd
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Originally Posted by garygarrison View Post
the simplest explanation of the Universe is that we are imagining it.

So thats why it makes no sense...

Thanks for that. Next time pick a more logical person to base reality on.

Who am I talking to anyway?
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What a great idea!!
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Hi Mike, kbarnes701, boifido, garygarrison, and all the others on here that have given me advice. Sorry for the late response. I am now back home again in Indiana but I suffered a minor heart attack on my first night back and had to stay at the hospital. Now they are talking about doing another surgery. Ok, so this is where we left off and this is where I am now. I decided on getting a Marantz SR7008 despite a few things. When the new Marantz style came out, they only ade the display about 1" round. I can't see that sitting down far from it! It did make the receivers look tall but man what a stupid idea. Then I see that the SR7008 has a new display, only they just hide it under a plate! But, for $800 I could live with it and maybe I'd just keep the bottom plate left open? But then Best Buy was out of them for $800 and they refused to sell me the display model. I did find a refurb model for $749+ shipping but they only allowed me only 7 days to try it out!

Yes I'm sure I could listen to the Marantz without the external amp but I've tried that before with my NAD and while it wasn't horrible, I was not near as happy. I'm worried I couldn't do a true comparison without the external amp. I did call Peachtree Audio about if I could hook up subwoofers to their Nova 220se and they said yes. They also agreed that the Best Buy guy was an idiot because he said subwoofers wouldn't work with RCA ends on a speaker cord. But he did point out, which I totally missed, was that there was an rca set of main outputs that would run right into subwoofers. I then asked him how my speakers wouldn't blow up since there are no crossovers and my speakers are not made for bass and he got all technical and over my head.

So, I decided to go to the one and only pro-audio store in Fort Wayne and they were selling the Anthem receivers, along with Sony ES, Denon, and Marantz. The Anthem display is blue and was so dark. We used the remote and adjusted the display to brite. But BOTH Anthem models displays kept flickering. Every time we hit them with a fist on top, their displays would go nuts. And, how stupid is it that you have to use room correction on a laptop instead of your TV? They had their last Marantz SR7008 as an open box but for $1300! I said that was WAY too much so we shopped the net and all the placed I originally looked have jacked up their price on the 7008 knowing it's done. Supply and demand. But then the salesman said, "Not to worry, we have a Denon that is identical to the Marantz and I'll give you a great deal on that!" I told him" I told you I was not interested in Denon from the start." He asked why and I told him about 20 years old I had a 2 week old Denon receiver that had to be fixed right out of the box and when I was listening to the music I went to the bathroom and when I got out, my room was on fire, coming from the Denon and my sister was trapped on the top floor and my parents lost their house, almost their kids. I went against my very strong beliefs and bought a Denon package for my bedroom that was a Denon receiver with a Denon sub and 5 speakers. I think I paid $1000 for it. It wasn't a cheapy on. Once I set it up, the left channels didn't work and it got returned, so NO DENON!! The salesperson said, well you know that a Marantz is a Denon!! WHAT!!! Hell no, I do NOT want a piece of sh*t that's going to resemble Denon. So I told the guy, The Denon's are ugly and outdated looking but at least they have a display. And now that I know a Marantz is a Denon, I now can't find myself being able to put up with a tiny 1" display screen. No Thanks. I asked the salesman who had worked there for 40 years if he knew anything about NAD. He said they used to sell them in the 80's and they sound amazing.

I went home and did research on the T748V2 and the T758. The NAD website is awful. They are too afraid to brag on their unit. They offer hardly any information on them and the don't even show pictures of important things like the remote control! I did read the reviews on the SR7008 Marantz and many people complain of it either locking up or shutting down all the time. More minor issues were trouble with HMDI and SUB pre-out plugs breaking off the receiver. When I read the reviews on the T748V2 and T758, most all reviews were perfect and almost everyone mentioned how good they were on music sound. That's what I want. I was told the T758 had a stripped down version of Audyssey that often gave many incorrect numbers therefore giving the T748V2 the better sound. And since I'm going to be using an external amp, I don't need the T758. So, after searching the internet for reviews for these and not finding much except for a few good reviews and some company information, I decided to do the right thing out of desperation. I downloaded the manual for the T748V2. Most receiver manuals are AWFUL. This one was quite pleasing. It was only 50 pages and was easy to follow. Yes I have trouble remembering what I read so I've read it 3 times and I'll have to read it page for page when I set things up.

I can tell you this, it does have some kind of mic calibration/room correction. They don't call it anything, like it's not YPAO or ARC or MCACC or Audyssey. From what I've read it's a stripped down Audyssey as well and if it isn't, then it's proprietary. I can tell you this, it has a very large portion of its calibration devoted to just the subwoofers so in my book I'm going to say, YES, it has SUB EQ. Another thing that I love is that you can rename every input to what it's connected to so instead of HDMI1, I can call it APPLE TV. Instead of Digital Optical 1, I can rename it to Samsung HDTV and it is so easy. It does have a bass and treble control that go from -10 to +10 for each. It also has assignable A/V Presets to inputs. Since I paid such a low price for this receiver, I can spend the rest towards other items I still need or other needs that aren't listed. For example, now that I DID go with a theater setup, I might want to invest in better rear speakers. It's a 7.1 receiver but I don't have room for 7.1. And I do have a very nice center channel but my old JBL bookshelf speakers might be wanting to retire. Ultimately I'd like to get a bigger and better 4K HDTV and that'll be my next big purchase after my stereo is finally done with.

I want to leave you all with a few pictures. Mike, now you can see why I don't like to upgrade all the time every year.
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Hi Ted,

Thanks for posting an update and some photos. I'm with you on not wanting to get a new receiver every year or two, and I'm glad you found a NAD that you like. Sorry to hear about the heart attack and the possible surgery. I have an uncle who had his first heart attack at age 52. Several additional heart attacks (and a few surgeries) later, he just celebrated his 87th birthday, and has outlived all of his contemporaries. I called him on his birthday, and we laughed about that.

Best wishes,
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