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Originally Posted by Brad Levine View Post

What would this do for me? Make my speakers sound better?

No. Its for switching sources and controlling the volume of sources, just like an AVR only without surround sound. To improve the sound of your speakers you either need room treatments and/or new speakers.
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Originally Posted by Brad Levine View Post

What would this do for me? Make my speakers sound better?

I assume you are now asking about adding a power amp Brad. Much more information would be needed in order to answer your question rather than make any kind of blanket statement. Would need to know the make and model of your speakers along with sensitibity and mpedence. Also, how big is your room and how loud do you like to listen? Depending on these answers, you may or may not see any improvement in adding a power amp.

At least you have an answer to your original question about acquiring a P7. You now understand that you don't need one because you already have a fine AVR in your Pioneer VSX-53. Best of luck in your audio journey and Happy New Year!

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I just don't see why it would be worth it then. I'll prob just wind up waiting till i can get a preamp and processor.

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Kinda resurrecting a dead thread here but I was wondering about this....

Something like the P7 would make alot more sense compared to many of the preamps today if you mainly cared about the sound of your system?

I dont care about DLNA, Vudu, etc. through my receiver...I care about the sound

I can always go audio from my bluray player to the P7 and the HDMI to the the TV/Projector to have the high res picture...

I just feel like today with technology moving as fast as it is we cannot stay ahead of it by constantly buying receivers that attempt to do EVERYTHING.

Honestly the areas that need most of the EQ in a system is in the low frequencies so buy a seperate one and run the audio from the sub out in the P7 to the EQ and then to the Sub...this will probably also give you more control over the subwoofer anyways....

Also the auto-EQ does not get your systems 100% correct anyways...can I do better without it? Probably not without some trial and error but I would rather have great sound than anything else....

Also, in my eyes, it would be cheaper to just replace a bluray player/display to go to 4K for instance than to have to upgrade everything....

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I would think an Oppo 105 with a P7 would make an awesome system. If your sub does not have EQ (e.g. Velodyne) then add an Antimode. I don't use Audyssey for music anyway.

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I went this route with a mutichannel preamp years ago and it performed admirably. There are a few other made by Macintosh, pathos, audio refinement, copland and audio research. Actually when I compared it to various receivers it performed noticeably better. I was enamored of the anthem pre/pro but my budget didn't allow. It definitely was better for music to use my audio refinement pre5.

I had to search back quite a few years but I also found the marantz dp870 DD pre/pro. I think Macintosh and rotel made one too. Very handy to have DD for your cable tv (football) integrated as well to your HT and a simple processor that added nothing except DD functionality. the marantz was the only one with a bypass if you don't have dual mutichannel inputs preamp like the para sound P7.

In a purist HT you only need the oppo and cable. The receivers do integrate better with lifestyle wants (wireless, online media, ripped/downloaded content and multi zone). Not to mention the lifestyle approach is just cleaner cable wise. Since i moved to a new home, the HT room is mixed use now and not a dedicated theatre. . Even I admit to going back to a receiver (NAD). But it is still using an extra 6 RCA's since I use an external amp.

I did take the separates route to the extreme. Having an external bass management and a separate video processor in the old HT.
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P7 in black coming out in Aug - Oct time frame. Nice!
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I was chatting with Matt Grauman at Audio Advisor and he has the black P7 in stock. I'm looking for information on the remote though; being a picky type I wouldn't want a black P7 with a silver remote!

I have two blu ray players, the Sony 400 disc changer (I wish I had bought two or more, they sell for silly money on ebay now) and oppo 103 (for 3D, SACD and DVDA). They both have analog 7.1 output. The Parasound's two multichannel inputs are perfect. Also as I have a turntable the quality phono input is a blessing.
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Greetings. Owner of an Oppo 105D BD player...and using the multichannel analogue RCA to the multichannel input on my Elite AVR. The Oppo has excellent DACS and prefer the sound over using HDMI. I go straight from the Oppo to the Projector via HDMI for HD.

And I have my DirecTV hooked via the Oppp HDMI input on back. Win win. But I recently have added a nice Turntable and MC cart. Would like to get the Pioneer AVR out of the way for that. So the P7 has my interest. It seems to have a decent MC phono stage as well.

Would there be audio benefits for Home Theater as well since the Oppo is doing the decoding? The AVR is only used for the volume and to power the surrounds. Main LCR's are powered with a Parasound A31. Now that I think about it I'll still have to use the AVR for Blu-ray since I need it for the rear speakers. But that said, will the P7 provide better audio even for HT?

I'm assuming the RCA's now from the Oppo to the AVR would now go Oppo to the the A31?
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