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NetTechie 02:32 AM 09-11-2014
Well, I just got CleanBoxPro adapters, and tried them with a Marantz receiver. This Yamaha sounds more natural and better than the Marantz, surprisingly. Before I had the adapters it sounded nice, but with the adapters now it sounds really good. I like the sound better without using the YPAO setup actually, though with it equalized it seems to deepen the bass and reduce the overall volume of the bass. On the Marantz the bass is overpowering, I couldn't find a way to make it less. I think I'm sold on Yamaha.
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BWX's Avatar BWX 11:54 AM 09-11-2014
For what it is, it does pretty good.
Christiaan2414 02:56 PM 12-12-2014
Please help! I'm trying to watch digital cable through my v661 via HDMI and I know the HDMI ports, cables and devices work. My ps3 works just fine while plugged into the HDMI DVD port. Is there a step I'm missing? It's an AT&T Cisco HD DVR box. Possibly a setting I'm not thinking of?
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