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Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 08:53 PM 12-24-2000
Any suggestions for best sound processor for Revel Salons speakers? Ideally would like it to allow futrue upgrades and 6.1 or 7.1 in the future.

Anyone heard a Meridian processor used with Revel speakers? Theta?

Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 09:45 PM 12-24-2000
I know that this area is as subjective as any, but for me the heart of the sound system is the combination of the speakers (first order, as they are the only instrument in the room) and sound processor.

The room is large enough require something on the scale of the Salons. It will also have center and surround speakers, and probably 2 subs. The most important issue next is selecting a top notch sound processor to match with the Salons. Only then will I move on to amps. Input; 20% music, 80% film sound track.
rich wu's Avatar rich wu 11:19 PM 12-24-2000
I use an EAD Signature processor with my Revel Studios and Voice speakers. The EAD's strength is in 2 channel but its HT features are very basic. I would guess that the Meridan 861 or Theta Casablanca would work well. I have heard the 861 with all Meridian speakers and it was pretty good.
Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 06:56 AM 12-25-2000
Rich, I too heard the 861 as a part of an all Meridian system. I was very impressed with its precision. But when I A-B'ed it with Revel speakers, the Revels sounded a bit more seamless and had more structure to the bottom end.

The problem is that the Revels were hooked up to Proceed equipment so the comparison was not a good test of what was contributing to what. I was hoping that someone will have heard the Solons with the Meridian and Casablanca units.
Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 10:44 AM 12-25-2000
Thanks Rich, I will try to find the review.

And Wibe, Mark L. does not make a processor with all the surround decoding bells and whistles for home theater.

rich wu's Avatar rich wu 10:54 AM 12-25-2000
Sore eyes,

Take a look at Revel's website ( for the stereophile reviews. ML should be releasing a full feature HT processor soon. I think it'll cost $20K+. The new ML processor with 33H amps driving the Salons would be perfect but it'll take lots of $$$$.

Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 11:20 AM 12-25-2000
Rich, I am going to CES. Perhaps ML will have some release dates for their processor at that time.
Tom Blake's Avatar Tom Blake 03:47 PM 12-25-2000
Sore Eyes,

I use a Theta Casablanca 2 processor and Dreadnaught amp to great effect with my Revels. However, my Revel complement is far more ordinary than yours, consisting of F30's and C30. However, the Performa series shares the same overall sonic character as the Ultima series, so I'm sure the Theta would match equally as well with the Salons. My Revel dealer is also a Theta dealer. I've heard the Casablanca 2 and Dreadnaught with a full Ultima array (Salons, Voice, Embrace, Sub-15/LE-1) and it was unbelievable! Strongly recommend you check out the Casablanca 2. It's a awesome processor.

Steve Dodds's Avatar Steve Dodds 08:09 PM 12-25-2000
If you check out recent Perfect Visions, there was a reviewer doing an ongoing series to get the best out of his set of Revels.

He ended up using a Lexicon MC-1 so he could use side speakers, but tried a few others.

Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 08:45 PM 12-25-2000
Thanks Steve and Tom,

rich wu's Avatar rich wu 09:18 PM 12-25-2000
Sore Eyes,
Most Revel speakers are demoed with either Proceed or Levinson equipment. I do agree that the Salons have better low end and wider sound stage than Meridian speakers. What amps are you going to use to drive the Salons with? I use Krell mono blocks to drive my Studios. There is a review of Revel Gems, Voice, Embrace system driven with Proceed Amp5 and Meridian 861 procesor in the Julu/Aug 1998 issue of Stereophile guide to Home Theater. The reviewer though the m861/AMP5 was better than AVP/Amp5.
CINERAMAX's Avatar CINERAMAX 09:58 PM 12-25-2000
There is nothing wrong with a Meridian 861 96/24 x 8 setup wit the revels.

Of course Mark Levinson has shown a surround Processor with an 8 " lcd display monitor incoprporated amidst, and it will be The processor for the revels, But the 861 is the best built for now. Sorry Krell, Theta and EAD.

Also the 861 has two analog 6 channel discreet input cards, NOW, for DVD-A and Phillips SACD.

Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 06:00 AM 12-26-2000

Does the 861 provide any processing for 6.1 or 7.1 systems?
adidadi's Avatar adidadi 10:32 AM 12-26-2000
Sore Eyes,
The Meridian 861 does process 7.1

Silence is overrated!
TheaterJeff's Avatar TheaterJeff 05:53 PM 12-26-2000
Sore Eyes:

More detailed information would help in matching a system for your personal needs, but I can help some. I've heard many of the processors in person numerous times. Currently, I'm working with several of the companies you mention for upcoming events on my web site. Everything boils down to this: quality of installation, personal taste, qualified training and ALL the links in your chain of the system.

The Krell is VERY good and certainly out perform the MC-1 and Meridian in certain regards. I know one dealer quite well and they sell both Meridian and Krell gear with full complement and properly installed in their demo rooms. Their sells are almost 5-1 Krell over the Meridian gear due to the quality. So, I would certainly listen to both of them before making a decision there.

In terms of the Theta Casablanca 2, it's a pretty good match too but still not quite as detailed as the Krell in my opinion. However, you may find it a good match and certainly a processor I would demo as well before buying. The Revels will perform well with any of the three you mention and the Krell very good too.

I've spent some time with the Revel Ultima series speakers and do think they have a lot to offer if you like their sound. The bottom end is quite heavy though and placement can be critical depending upon the room and other factors. Make sure and have the dealer come over with the speakers before buying even if they want paid for their time. It's a major investment and can be good or bad depending upon the room or the other parts of your system.

Also, I would listen to Dynaudio Contour T 2.5 and T 2.1 speakers. They perform quite well and beat just about everything I've heard in their respective price range. It's always good to listen to as many differnt systems as you can for comparison.

Happy shopping,


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migliore's Avatar migliore 09:14 PM 12-26-2000
Keep in mind cost! The 861 is $12k+, EAD is $6.5k, Krell is $6k and Theta casa nova is around there too.

I think the best bang for the buck, esp if 2 channel is a priority is going to be the signature. EAD is rumored to have an 8-channel upgrade/bypass in a few months. Details @ the CES.


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Sore Eyes's Avatar Sore Eyes 09:14 PM 12-26-2000
Everyone's comments are helping me get my thought process organized. Thanks.

Jeff: Though I am leaning heavily towards the Revels, the only other speaker that piques my interest, or should I say my ears, are those made by Dynaudio. I was shocked by their uncolored musicality in that price range. I want to see what they will be showing at CES. Rumor has it that a new high-end model is forthcoming, but not as expensive as their $45K towers.
TheaterJeff's Avatar TheaterJeff 10:12 PM 12-26-2000
Sore Eyes:

I posted a reply to your Dynaudio question on my web site. Didn't want to jabber on here too much.


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Homebread's Avatar Homebread 12:19 PM 12-28-2000
Hey SoreEyes,
I can tell you from experience that the 861 is the way to go. Nothing sounds as good , has as much setup flexibility, or offers the future forward design that this unit does.
The Meridian 568 is a more comparable piece, but still superior to the Krell.