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Phaze 07-11-2007 06:01 PM

Hi all. I'm redoing my audio system and thinking of going back from 5 channel surround to just a stereo setup. I watch some movies but mostly listen to music on CD's. I have some SACD's, DVD-A's and lots of regular CD's I'd like to listen to. I wish the regular CD's sounded better! I also currently have a Denon DVD 2910 cd/dvd player, and Denon AV-3803 surround sound receiver/amp I'm using Paradigm Reference Studio 100's V2 as front L & R speakers. I'm thinking of purchasing a NAD C372 integrated stereo solid state amp or possibly (at twice the price) a Cavin A-88T integrated stereo tube amp. I think my 100's need more power to realize their sonic potential. Would the NAD be a nice/satisfactory upgrade or just a "lateral move" from the 3803? Will the Cavin be worthwhile with my exsisting CD player and speakers. Your opinions/suggestions are appreciated, other alternatives/options are helpful too. Thanks in advance for your advice! Phaze

seraph 07-12-2007 04:40 AM

Well with my 100v3s I listened to them on a Denon 3806 and an Anthem MCA20 and I really wasn't impressed with either. The Denon sounded very flat and hollow, and the Anthem carved quite too much brightness into the sound. I had a chance to hear them with a Rotel RB-1080 (200w x 2) and I really thought that brought them to life. It had a much more warm balanced sound. It is really all a matter of opinion, but that is what you asked for and there you have mine Oh and since Rotels ICEpower digital class D amps came out, the 1080 can come pretty cheap used on audiogon and the likes.

Nuthed 07-12-2007 08:34 AM

Heres your other thread.

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