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Originally posted by sdurani


Why does it bother you so much (to the point of name calling) when people pursue accurate information?

"..pursue accurate information?"
You make it sound so black and white. If only.

I'm all for accurate information. Most of us are consumers trying to make informed decisions. As such, accurate information is exactly what we're seeking. I have absolutely no qualms if you choose to be fanatical about a product you own (I know, I'm perhaps somewhat fanatical about my Apple Mac). Its none of my business after all.

HOWEVER, what I'm against is this holier-than-thou attitude from this handful of Lexicon supporters.

There's always a polite route to getting your "accurate information" out to the public. Just because you may be better informed than another person doesn't give you the right to be arrogant and demean them. I'm sure you don't need me to point you to specific threads (here and elsewhere). I suspect you know very well what I'm talking about.

So, how is any of this my business?

I started off as a completely unbiased consumer looking to buy a high-end HT system. Obviously, one of the first systems to make my shortlist was the Lexicon MC-12. I even attended its official launch in Hong Kong. At the same time, I've been reading newsgroup/forum threads without getting involved for a number of months.

As a completely unbiased consumer, I was appalled by the arrogance and browbeating perpetrated by the same handful of Lexicon supporters. To the extent that I can no longer make an unbiased judgements about Lexicon itself (as I said before, perhaps this is my personal failing).

While you can argue this is only one person's opinion (mine), this sort of fanatical behaviour is not unique. I've seen this sort of thing going on on Usenet, FidoNet etc. way before many of you even knew how to spell Internet.

Does that make it a crime? No. Should I just shutup? Perhaps I should have.

What to do I hope to gain from my tirade? For others to be able to make unbiased, informed decisions not coloured by arrogant, egotistical, condescending and pompous posts.
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So, mzn50 .......

- notwithstanding where this thread has gone, have you had a chance do hear the MC12 in your system and compare it to the ML260 and/or AVP?

Any advice for those of us trying to choose between the MC12 and AVP II?

Thanks, all the best, TM
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I have auditioned it twice at the store but not the ultimate test, the one at home !

All I can say is that the MC12 is superiour in every way to the MC1 and surround modes on the AVP.

Had the Canadian Distributor of Lexicon with me in the store and asked him the magical 2 chan question, all he told me that the MC12 would Compliment the Mark levinson 380S and DAC very well, so take that for what it is worth !

He offered the MC12 for me to take home...have not yet had a chance cause i do not have the funds readily available if indeed I want to replace my AVP.

The AVP become a moot point in my setup cause I use the ML380S and DAC for 2 CHN and not the AVP. So having the MC12 would be a good choice.

Not even sure I need the 12B ! just the basic 12

Later !

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