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08-07-2007 | Posts: 1
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I bought the unit in April this year and just got a chance to set it up with HDMI connection to my new sharp LCD and LG DVD player (HDMI) last month. Guess what! The freaking receiver drops video and audio crazy after an hour to one and half hour of watching DVD movie. So far my experience of this problem might mostly happen at 720p and 1080i input from either HDMI or component. I did not recall it ever happen to me with 480i yet. I tried it out on HD cable through component input and output with HDMI to TV. Same problem can be seen. This is a brand new unit back in April. The worst thing happening to me now is Yamaha is refusing fixing the problem under warranty due to the unit was not sold from an authorized retailer!! I have absolutely no idea Yamaha have this policy in US. All of the consumer electronics I have purchased so far in US has warranty as long as the manufacturing warranty card is included. Prior to purchase this Yamaha, I did go to their site searching for specification. There is no sign to say unauthorized dealer issue. Well unless you go to the customer support link there you will find the statement. When I purchased the unit from PowersellerNYC, they did say they were not authorized dealer when I placed order over the phone but then they claimed the unit came with US warranty.
Well the reason I want to address this issue here is not only the warranty policy from Yamaha but also the quality of this receiver. I called local authorized service center regarding my HDMI problem. They said they have seen quite number of the problem with HDMI related to heat issue for this model.
I have my receiver in the cabinet with wide opening and space of 5" at the top. I also added a heat sensing fan with setting at 32C. My receiver is warm after playing over an hour movie but it is not hot. I did not crank up the volume and the problem pretty much show up at the end of the movie. Power on and off will not fix the problem unless leave the unit cool down. I think this is a chronic quality issue with this model and with closed mind type of warranty policy, it just makes consumer frustrate and turn away.
I read many threads before buying this unit and almost most of the user did not mention HDMI issue when their setup was not in full HDMI. Now I have my DVD HDMI to TV and use fiber to 6090 for audio. This is completely defeating my primary purpose of getting 6090. I want an receiver with good quality of sound and capable of HDMI upconversion. Perhaps I should get Onkyo or Harmon Kardon instead. Both have decent sound quality receivers at lower price range.
I want to make sure any potential Yamaha buyer to think twice before buying this model or any similar Yamaha model. It is not easy to find out this problem until extended use with full HDMI setup. I also did the firmware uploaded from their site. The upload process went through well but the above problem still occurs.
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08-14-2007 | Posts: 2
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I'm in the same situation. I purchased my receiver back late last year (October, I think). I love this receiver but a few days ago I purchased my first hi-def lcd and was excited about the chance to connect my ps3 and tv with hdmi. After about 20-30 minutes, I experienced the video/audio dropout as well. Highly disappointed. I had a successful firmware update and same problem. You are not alone in your frustration. I'm going to attempt to get mine serviced. If I'm successful, I will keep you posted.
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08-14-2007 | Posts: 18,955
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I had an HDMI (RX-V2700) problem on two hot nights. I started using my AC and I did not have it again.
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08-19-2007 | Posts: 1,903
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I have the 6090 now for almost a year.HD-A-1 to 6090 then to my ax100.All HDMI .Never had any dropouts or problems.I run my receiver at high volumes allot.Weird.What type of HDMI CABLES are you using,BOB
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03-17-2013 | Posts: 341
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Experiencing drop outs today with my HTR-6090. Didn't seem too hot either. Did occur about half way through DVD. Not an isolated case either, has happened before, but today it was rather constant. This is not good.
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03-19-2013 | Posts: 21
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Has anyone tried to pass 3D through the 6090 using HDMI? I think because it's 1.3 and not 1.4...it will not work.
No luck so far using my PS3 and BenQ W1070 projector.
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