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10-05-2007 | Posts: 120
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To many new formats that my trusty old Sony TA-E9000ES doesn't have. Is the 905 just a 885 pre/pro with a 7 channel amp. Or is the 885 a better pre/pro then what's in the 905 AVR. I have an ATI 1505 that I will still use. I wonder if the amps in the 905 can be jumper to give you more power, just less channels. I plan on using a Toshiba A35 HD-DVD player with either the 905 or 885 hooked up to an Infocus 7200 FP. Thanks.

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10-06-2007 | Posts: 120
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With all the talk about these two, does anyone know if the 905 is a 885 with a 7 channel amp. I believe one difference is the 905 has a Reon menu. Thanks.

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12-21-2007 | Posts: 207
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No opinions?
It seems that the Onkyo 905 (receiver) is much more readily available than the pure PrePro version (the 885). Assuming, for the sake of this discussion, that there is no difference in price (or that I am a millionaire) and the only determining factor is availability.
So, that said, is there any real difference between using the 905 as a PrePro and using a high quality outboard amp versus using the 885 with the same amp? To put it another way, is the 905 simply the 885 PrePro with an amplifier under the same chassis? OR are there some compromises with the 905?

Given that the 905 MSRP is higher than that of the 885 I would hope the 905 can be considered the 885+amp, and that removing the amp via bypass makes them nearly identical.
Any opinions, whether they relate specifically to these 2 models or whether they relate to other analogous PrePro/Receiver cousins would be appreciated.
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