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SeaNile's Avatar SeaNile 10:28 PM 10-19-2007
I set up my system about 2 years and somehow have forgotten how to hook everything back up for the best performance. I just bought an Oppo upscaling DVD player and a Panny PT AX200u PJ, have B&W speakers all around and a powered Para sub. I am looking at the back of my rx v2500 and am drawing a blank. I just need how to feed my Comcast DVR and new Oppo dvd player to the receiver. I know the video is going via HDMI to the PJ. The audio on the rx-v2500 has standard 2 channel audio (not going to use right?) then there is digital optical with a single rca slot, then multichannel/6.1audio rca jacks and then the usual front/center/rear/sub rca jacks.

Can I get a little help here!! Thanks in advance.


ATOH's Avatar ATOH 10:46 PM 10-19-2007
Well, if you would take the RX-V2500 out of the box, you would see that it does NOT have an HDMI output so my question to you is this... How are you hooking up your projector to the receiver if you are using HDMI? I would assume that you want to use the up conversion on the DVD player, but you now need to upgrade the receiver in order to take care of the whole picture. You could hook up everything component and be good, but HDMI is not going to be an option for you. Might want to look into upgrading to a new Yamaha since you obviously have a dealer in the area. I would recommend that you get one that has 3 HDMI inputs and not just the standard 2. otherwise, when you go out and by that PS3 for the kids or maybe even yourself you will have to upgrade the receiver all over again. You need to understand that in the setup you have now, the receiver is going to be the main hub of the system and without one that pretty much kicks ass on the input side of it, you are already behind. Kind of like getting that new cell phone and taking the free one instead of actually spending a little to get one that actually works.
SeaNile's Avatar SeaNile 06:50 AM 10-20-2007
I realize the receiver does not have a HDMI input and am wondering how to hook up the audio channels, there are rca inputs for multichannel and next to that bank of inputs is "front, center, subwoofer, rear" as well as the digital audio inputs with one rca jack. I am using the HDMI to go from DVD player to PJ.

Thanks for the help.

jeffK987's Avatar jeffK987 06:51 PM 10-22-2007
I have v1500
Use the digital audio out on the DVD & Comcast to the V2500. Can use optical or digital coax (rca type).
Download the v2500 pdf manual & print the page with connections in back. Handy to have. Usually more optical in sources than coax/rca.

The multichannel ins are for SACD & DVD-A music discs.
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