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Sad day in the neighborhood

It’s a bit ironic pictures of my system precede this post…

This post is not about my Classé SSP 800, but rather pertains to my Classé CA-5300 amplifier.

I purchased this 105 Lb., 5 X 300-watt monster off Audiogon nearly two years ago. It has been in use for several hours a day nearly every day since.
The XLR and RCA cables are all from Blue Jeans cable.

I estimate something over 4000 hours of use and have had the clean filter notice appear twice which I indeed did.

The amp always worked and sounded great. The one minor oddity was when I powered the system down; about 15 to 30 seconds after everything was off the front speakers would emit a faint but noticeable 3 second tone. (almost a polite “fart” sound) That curious sound didn’t seem to have any effect on overall performance, so I just assumed this was this massive amp’s way of bleeding off some excess energy upon powering off.

About two weeks ago, while playing a Dolby Digital plus 5.1 movie on Netflix, my wife and I heard a brief sharp fairly loud static snap sound. Hmmm, what was that we wondered.

A close look at the cables and wiring found nothing amiss. I pondered if the static snap sound was due to unusually low humidity here in Georgia lately. I even brought the humidifier into the media room just to be sure.

Over the course of the next week we played both digital and analog sources via HDMI and RCA inputs.

Everything was fine except the static snap sound would reoccur about once every 3 to 5 hours. We would hear the sharp snap then everything was once again OK.

I ran the system level tones and everything was normal.

Today while muted with a 2 channel analog source selected, I heard a loud pop. The normally solid blue LED on the amp instantly began flashing red. Of course I powered down.

Following the Classé CA-5300 troubling shooting guide did not resolve the problem. At this point with the amp completely disconnected from speakers and the XLR line inputs, when the stand-by button was pressed, the amp responded briefly then the blue LED went out. The unit now does not respond to the stand-by button. If testing continuity is a valid test to check the fuse, I suspect the fuse in blown.

I fear the amp has an internal fault and will require repair.

The amp did communicate with the SSP 800 via the Classé CAN-Bus system but with a now dead amp the event log is unavailable.
Initially my plans to resolve my problem are:

• See if I can find a MDA slow-blow 12A 250V fuse locally
o Install the fuse, with nothing but the mains attached, and hit the stand-by button
o If the amp stays on and appears stable I will, power off, hook up the left and right front XLR line outs, then hook up an old pair if Minimus 7 speakers, stand back and hit the power button.
o I really don’t hold much hope this will be successful and even if it is, can I trust my amp will remain reliable?
• Assuming the problem is more than just a fuse I will contact Classé Service & Support.
o I sincerely hope I can have the amp repaired locally. An amp has to be a much simpler electronic device than a pre-pro to fix.
o I really don’t want to ship this off to Canada unless I absolutely have to (This unit and my SSP 800 were both produced in China)
o Obviously shipping and repair cost will weigh into the final resolution. Both my SSP and amp were purchased used so I can only assume a warranty repair not likely. (Come to think of it both were purchased and shipped from distant Classé dealers.)
o I am prepared to pay a fair price for a proper repair because my Classé system remains the best I have yet heard.
o An absolute last resort would be considering a Monoprice Monolith or an Emotiva multichannel amp, but what a horriblecompromise that would be.

Wish me luck! I will keep the faithful posted.

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Good luck with your amplifier repair. It appears as if you may have had a capacitor let go in the amplifier. The loud pops were the warning for you. I've been there with the repair scenario as I had to ship my SSP-800 to Canada for repair. Not a huge deal, just the inconvenience of not having your system the way you want it to be. Best wishes in your adventure.
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