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06-24-2008 | Posts: 649
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Originally Posted by rr330i View Post

Make sure ps3 is set to lpcm. Also set the 7.8 is set to multichannel.

What is lpcm?
Do you mean just pcm? Not bitstream?
And set the 7.8 to multichannel? How do you do that? Is it on the remote? I need to go home and mess with it.
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06-24-2008 | Posts: 1,002
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Sorry... if you read thru some of the ps3 threads, or just goto the ps3 FAQ thread, you should find your answers.
ps3 cannot bitstream hd audio codecs... only via hdmi pcm.
My tosh a3 is via hdmi pcm and my 7.8 shows multichannel on the screen.
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06-24-2008 | Posts: 1,002
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Originally Posted by todd2112 View Post

rr30i, might I ask how you have your speakers hooked up to your receiver. It sounds like we have a similar setup as I have the DT 2002s. Mine are biwired with the LFEs going to the Preouts on the receiver. Im not using a separate sub. I have the same center channel as you as well. Are you using a separate sub along with your towers?

Todd, goto the Def Tech owners thread in the speaker section.
For the past few pages the set ups are talked about.
It's the most covered subject there.
I have 7002s and just have 12awg speaker wire running to them.
Nothing fancy.
No extra sub.
Its AZZ kickin!
GOTO that DT forum and feel the love.
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06-26-2008 | Posts: 1,002
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Anyone do the firmware update to the 7.8 yet?
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06-26-2008 | Posts: 68
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I have done the update and it has dramatically improved the switching between sound formats. There used to be a click and a delay if switching formats, like from DD 5.1 to Direct. Now it flips almost immediately.

That was the most immediate improvement that I noticed. I don't know of any other improvements that stand out. If anyone else knows of any, feel free to add input.
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06-26-2008 | Posts: 447
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No other improvements besides the faster "lock" onto sound formats for me. Some people have claimed that lipsync problems they've had were fixed, but I still have some on mine.
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06-26-2008 | Posts: 1,002
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I'm having real troubles w/ my hdmi from my Cable DVR (SA8300HD-DVR).
Handshake issues, with audio drops... and total signal drop.
I have my oppo switcher between the 7.8 and my PJ.
Now i get no audio drops, but if i jump channels quickly, it takes a few seconds to get a channel lock... so bad that the screen goes blue, w the "no signal" box in the middle.
I'm considering going DVR > component > 7.8 > HDMI > PJ. This will take the DVR and send out via hdmi as 720p, which is fine cuz the PJ is 768.
Anyone think i'll really lose picture quality if i do this?
I know, I know... i could just test it, which i will when i get the chance.
I think audio via toslink or dig coax will be fine.

Is anyone noticing the audio switching delay that's not using hdmi?
BTW, no lip sync issues here... whew.

I still haven't gotten around to the DSP update either.
No BD player bitstreaming yet, and if i go w/ a PS3, i still won't.
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07-24-2008 | Posts: 1,002
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Well, i found my problem... bad hdmi cable.
So i cut open my walls and ran 2 new hdmi's, and 2 legs of cat6.
I still have some delay in channel changes, but that a cable issue.

Now another issue.
Use w/ a PS3. How do you have yours set up?
Any issue w/ audio? Anyone compare to bitstream?
How about handling YCbCr?

Almost ready to pull trigger.
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09-21-2008 | Posts: 1,002
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Looking for 7.8 owners w/ PS3.
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11-27-2008 | Posts: 4
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Wow..After much reading,saving,researching and listening I purchased the 7.8 the other day.I chose this model over the 6.8,and comparable Denon's for build quaility and sound.I also liked this unit better than the 7.9,which didn't have as heavy duty a power supply.One of my side gig's is building heavy duty power supplies,anywhere from 100-900 amps, for HAM and CB use.I know the importance of heavy duty transformers and rectifiers,and this thing has more than enough "breathing" room for the specs it touts.I am by no means a expert,but I still wanted to purchase something that will last at least as long as my old Yamaha did.
Right now this heavy beast is hooked to older heavy aluminium(2001) Micro series Boston acoustics,and 2 VR2's in the front.I wanted something that would push a good set of Paradigm speakers,that hopefully will come next year.My initial impression was again how well the power supply was built.Being the curious type I removed the outer shell to peek inside and I can tell you this thing is build rugged.Of course there is separate circuit boards for ethernet and video circuitry with lots of SMD devices,but the heart of it is all heavy duty components.The heat sink is very large,with lots of transistor goo too keep those large PNP's happy.Overall a well built unit for its price range.Many visits to the local HIFI store would have me looking through the cases of comparable units and this one just blows them away from a construction point of view,again in this price range.
Well enough said about that,as far as performance goes,amazing.The features alone amaze me more as I find new things to tinker with and change.All that and I have yet to hear distortion after that amazing tuning session with audessy..:-).For anyone on the fence like I was,go buy it.I got mine $400 dollars cheaper than it was a few months back due to the newer models.You won't regret it..As far as the PS3 question goes,you will love its gaming modes.I have been playing games just to hear the way it handles the sounds.Thanks to the original thread starter,and thanks to all who gave all the tips and ideas........
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01-20-2009 | Posts: 45
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My Motorola Comcast DVR does not have an active HDMI out. When I tried to get one that had it the Comcast associate practically laughed at me and said they never have them. That being said I'm going DVI to HDMI, which of course means no sound. So I tried using an optical out from the DVR into the receiver and DVI to HDMI cable out from the DVR into the receiver. Didn't work. Looks as if one can't have an HDMI in and choose a different audio in. I really want my partner to never have to switch source inputs on the tv as it just causes more confusion for her than she is already suffering from. Does anyone know if there is a way for me to send HDMI into the receiver and choose optical for the audio for that input? Yes, I'm still trying to get a DVR that has HDMI out.
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01-20-2009 | Posts: 1,002
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dan, just run component video into the 7.8.
comcast is only running up to 1080i, so you won't be losing any resolution.
the 7.8 can send this signal out via hdmi to your display, therefore, no input changing on the display.
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01-21-2009 | Posts: 45
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I didn't think about that. Makes sense. Thanks.
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01-25-2009 | Posts: 1
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Just bought a DTR 7.8. Connected DVD and Uverse to it through HDMI. HDMI out to a Toshiba 72HM196 DLP. I have audio but no video. I know that even thought the TV is a 1080P resolution it will only accept a 720P or 1080i input. Does anyone know how to prevent the scaler from scaling to 1080P? Otherwise, any other ideas how to fix the problem?
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04-16-2009 | Posts: 32
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Could someone e-mail me the 7.8 firmware update and installation instructions?
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06-11-2009 | Posts: 350
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Quick question for other owners as I am woefully confused.

I have an Oppo BluRay hooked up to my Integra 7.8 via HDMI pumping out bitstream. When I play anything TrueHD or DTS-HD, nothing happens that is special on the 7.8. is that because we use Zone2 as well?

If so, what should I be choosing as a format for listening then, and can I train the integra to pick the right one for each disk so I'm not having to dink around with it each time I put a disk in. For some, it's going to be DD 5.1 sources, others will be DTS sources and I don't want to have to change a listening format each time.

I find the manual very confusing about this, btw. I could use some advice. Thanks ahead of time.

Adding to this because I am getting quite frustrated.

Oppo BluRay player playing Fifth Element. It's sending English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 out as bitstream over HDMI to the Integra.

However, the integra insists on displaying that it's getting a DTS signal, not dolby, nor does it acknowledge that it is, in fact, getting TrueHD which supposedly it supports over bitstream/HDMI.

I am at wits end and don't know where to turn. I have searched forums and so far, no answers.
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06-12-2009 | Posts: 68
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The Integra should do automatic switching for whichever format you are sending to it over the HDMI. One thing to check is in the Integra's setup menu to make sure that when you're receiving a Dolby TrueHD signal that it will show that on the display.

The other thing is that a lot of discs default to Dolby 5.1 and you will have manually make the change to one of the lossless formats in order to trigger them. It's usually the first thing I check for when I put a disc in.

If you're still having problems then I will take a look at how I have my Panasonic BD55 set up. It's not your Oppo, but I definitely get the format changes to display on my Integra's screen and it might help you out.
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06-30-2009 | Posts: 137
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Considerring purchasing this receiver. If you had to do it over again, would you buy this still?
What/if any problems might I encounter by using it with a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Scientific Atlanta HD-DVR, and my 50" Panny plasma?
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06-30-2009 | Posts: 68
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I'd 100% buy it again. Absolutely love the receiver and have had no problems with it.
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07-01-2009 | Posts: 7
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Yeah man! You will really be pleased I think. EXCEPT the biggest problem that I have had, is lack of motivation to leave the Man Cave... Enjoy!
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07-19-2009 | Posts: 932
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Originally Posted by PaulD233 View Post

Considerring purchasing this receiver. If you had to do it over again, would you buy this still?
What/if any problems might I encounter by using it with a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Scientific Atlanta HD-DVR, and my 50" Panny plasma?

what about the dtr7.9?
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08-18-2009 | Posts: 1
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Hi all.

I'm a new member that has an Integra DTR 7.8 and have some questions that I hope one of you have the answers to.

DTR 7.8 Firmware
I successfully installed the DSP update from this site. Thanks!

In regards to main firmware for 805/7.8. Is the Onkyo 805 1.08 main firmware upgrade really ok for the Integra DTR 7.8 sister unit?

I ask this because the DTR does have some software/setup differences to the 805. For example, each speaker EQ for the DTR 7.8 is 15 band and the 805 only has 7 bands for each.

DTR 7.8 Issues

1. After an Audyssey setup I can not use (hold SETUP)+Enter+ Enter to store the settings into memory. The process works after a hardware and software reset via (Hold VCR/DVR + Standby while the units on) prior to a Audssey setup. Does anyone else have this problem or a fix?

2. This is very troublesome.. Any time the power is cut from the receiver either from a temporary utility outage or from unpluging the unit upon the next powerup the following issues arise. The gain/level on the Left Front Channel jumps to +66db per the LCD screen (but actually jumps to +15db via the OS display). The LCD displayed level of other speakers does not match the actual setting and some of them are at odd decimal points such as - 3.4dB (will show -3.0db in the OS display). If I re-adjust the levels with the remote I've noticed if I hold down the + level key the displayed LCD level will skip past the +15db limit and scroll to random high levels. In addtion the displayed volume level after an adjustment isn't at .0 or .5 db increments such as 35.4 & 35.9db. The only way to correct these problems is a total reset of the receiver in which I lose all my custom setup.

Any help would be appreciated.
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10-03-2009 | Posts: 32
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I have a new subwoofer that lets out a piercing reverb noise whenever I connect the rca cables. I have changed cables, same noise. Should I reset the receiver or will that not make a difference?
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10-05-2009 | Posts: 99
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Hey guys .... I am new to all of this ... I am trying to figure out what the heck to do: buy a DTR 7.8 or perhaps a DTR 7.9 which I hear is now not as well made as the 7.8 plus not being made in Japan any longer. OR .... what about the great deals right now on the Onkyo SR876 and NR906?

Or ..... should I just go totally over board and get a DTR 8.9? I could do it .... well .... ummmmmm ...... maybe .... but I may not be able to eat again for about 6 months!

By the way .... anyone know if the DTR 8.9 is still made in Japan????

Anyways, how reliable and good are the Integras .... I mean really? Would you buy yours all over again? That has been asked before here .... but by looking at the date of the posting .... as of today, it has been a while, you know?

Soooooooo ..... what do you think? Kinda sounds like I should hunt for a new 7.8 and call it good ....... or ..... ????? What would you do? I do not want to spend more that $1,000 total for an AVR if possible ...... I could go a little higher I suppose ... maybe ....

I will be hooking up to 4 ohm KEF towers in front and 8 ohm Aperion surrounds with an Aperion sub.

Appreciate your insight and a moment of your time.
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11-07-2009 | Posts: 7
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I love my 7.8, had an option for the 7.9 but found it the parts were better in the 7.8. But you might be able to get some great deals now with the new models out, i hear dealers are giving away the 9.9's for 1k.
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11-07-2009 | Posts: 7
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Can someone email me or post how to upgrade the firmware? Couldn't find anything on the integra website for DTR 7.8. What is the latest version and how do i check which version i have on the receiver? Thanks.

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12-03-2009 | Posts: 45
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Originally Posted by nbk38tl View Post

Can someone email me or post how to upgrade the firmware? Couldn't find anything on the integra website for DTR 7.8. What is the latest version and how do i check which version i have on the receiver? Thanks.


I have the same question. PM would be great.
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12-12-2009 | Posts: 116
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I have heard that the Integra DTR 7.8 is the equivalent of the Onkyo 805. I was reading a review of the 805 on cnet's website. In the "Bad" section of the review, they say "THE BAD: Downconverts 1080i component video signals to 720p when outputting over HDMI; HDMI video quality converted from analog sources may not satisfy videophiles;". The review is here.

There is also a user comment who says "Cons: Downconverts 1080i signals to 720p. Dish network HD Receivers output at 1080i, but Onkyo TX-SR805 downconverts that to 720p." The user comment is here.

Is this true for the Integra 7.8 as well? Is it even true for the 805?

This is somewhat important to me since 75% or more of my TV viewing is from Dish Network. My video sources are a Sony BDP-BX2 (it is an S360 I am told) and a Dish Network ViP 722 HD Receiver with HD DVR.

EDIT: I just re-read the CNET comment and I realized that they said this is only component inputs. So if my dish network vip 722 is connected to the Integra 7.8 via an HDMI, am I fine?
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04-20-2010 | Posts: 50
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Does anyone here own a Onkyo "refurbished" Integra DTR-7.8?

An eBay seller has told me that Onkyo removes the serial number from refurbished units. This raises a red flag. Yet, the seller offers a 30 day return/1 year warranty and has a very high eBay satisfaction rating.
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01-11-2012 | Posts: 45
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I'm having Zone 2 and Back Surround issues and was wanting some input. I run a 5.1 system in my theater area in my basement. I recently built a new bar area in my basement and am trying to run two speakers in that area as Zone 2. I have a cd player hooked up to the analog in on the receiver and when I follow the instructions for turning on Zone 2 and choosing an input the receiver shuts down immediately as soon as it gets to the matching analog cd input. It goes into standby mode with the standby mode indicator light flashing red. I know my Zone 2 speakers work as I hooked them up as my front L and R in my theater setup to test them. After pulling my hair out I decided to hook up my bar speakers as back surround L and R figuring I could just run all channels stereo when I wanted music in the bar area. So I enabled the two back surrounds and tried setting the levels using the pink noise test tone and I could not get any pink noise to the speakers as back L and R surrounds. When I scrolled to those speakers on the test tone menu there was no sound at all. I lost my original 7.8 to a flood last summer and bought the one I currently have off ebay so I guess anything is possible as far things not working properly. The only thing I can think of doing at this point is buying a separate two channel amp and running the pre-outs to it for my Zone 2 bar area speakers. I have yet to try a system reset. May try that tonight. Suggestions?

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