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Originally Posted by hd_newbie View Post

Doesn't that bring us back to the same old mono-block vs. multi-channel discussion?

In a way. Thats why I asked about the anatomy of an AVR.

Obviously with mono blocks you have separate power supplies and with multi channel you do not. But since you are seperating the high and low sections of the speaker, maybe for all pratical purposes the AVR still sees it as 5 speakers. IF what Anthem says is true as far as the impedence of the signals filtered out by the crossover networks,
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Originally Posted by Easyaspie View Post

I know what you meant. Thats why I refuted it. In reality the entire signal is not being amplified, at least not as much. Like I said before the signals above a low pass filter and the signals below a high pass filter are of such high impedence that they essentially draw so little power as to not really be amplified. Yes they are fed to the amplifier and yes there is some amplification, but if you know a little about impedence curves and how this effects speakers you'll understand. Remember that a speaker doesn't act like a resitor, the impedence varies with frequency.

Its not that the speaker isn't using it like you said, its that the speaker isn't drawing power at those frequencies.

Here is what Anthem has to say about it.

Thanks for the link. I remember reading in a Vance Dickerson Speaker cookbook (volume 5?) that due to "in band gain" a 200 watt amp would clip before a 60 + 50 using an active crossover when driving the same speaker design - ie active crossover Vs a passive to achive the same SPL.

I build speakers and always include impediance comps in my crossovers as I do understand impediance curves, and these would be needed in an active system as much as they are in a passive one.

Mark Techer

I love my Constant Image Height system!
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