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melakai's Avatar melakai 03:15 PM 12-15-2009
I hope what I'm trying to achieve doesn't seem insane... but I'm curious about powering a set of rear speakers without connecting a full-on receiver to it.

Essentially, I'm trying to send rear L/R channels to the back of the room via a powerline adapter (which sends L/R audio over your electrical lines). The adapter works fine, but only provides a pair of RCA jacks - I need to figure out how to power my existing surround speakers.

Is there something out there that allows me to connect:
Powerline Adapter --RCA--> Amp? --Speaker Wire--> Speakers

Again, all I need to do is take in RCA L/R and power the speakers - no audio processing. Thoughts?

gooki's Avatar gooki 03:41 PM 12-15-2009
You answered your own question.


Powerline Adapter --RCA--> Amp? --Speaker Wire--> Speakers

melakai's Avatar melakai 03:51 PM 12-15-2009
Okay, so I need to find something a la http://www.amazon.com/Pyle-PTA2-2x40.../ref=pd_cp_e_1 ?
Wayne A. Pflughaupt's Avatar Wayne A. Pflughaupt 06:13 AM 12-16-2009

Sure, if you can live with 10% distortion. Keep in mind that if your speakers are 8-ohm, you'll only be getting 20 watts per channel out of it. By comparision, most decent receivers these days put put 75-100 watts to the rear speakers.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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