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Okay guys some help with basic set up please. I kinda want to use a better speaker for my computer then whats available. Heres the gear i'm thinking of using:

Pioneer SP-BS21
Dayton SUB-80 8" HT Series 80 Watt
Dayton DTA-100a Class-T Digital Amplifier

Now to set this up Id need a 3.5 to RCA cable, run that rca to the sub then run rca from that sub to my amp then to speakers. Right?

Also when it comes Frequency dial on the sub thats just the crossover right? I understand how that works but don't know how to set it.

When it comes to the gain I have no idea what it does or how to set it

So if you could help me out that be great and also if you think its a waste of time and i should go with la quality PC speaker set like the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 let me know as well Thanks guys

Vizio P65-C1
Denon AVR-X6300H
HTD Level 3 Left/Center/Right, Micca COVO-S for Surrounds
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What you described will work fine, the crossover just sets the freq at which above that freq will go to your bookshelf speakers and below it will go to the sub. The gain is the same as the volume control on the Dayton DTA-100 amp, you set them both to where it sounds right to you then you wont need to adjust them again. As they are independant of each other, you would need to use the PC itself as the volume control. This is one nice feature of the Klisch set, you can still use the external vol control on the front of the speaker to control the system vol (I prefer an external vol control to using the PC vol myself, personal taste)

Also dont consider the Klipsch set to be low quality, they are a fantastic sounding set for a computer speaker.
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I have t-amp based 2.1 systems on two computers. One of them uses the Dayton Sub-80 (the other uses SVS SB12+).
The Dayton sub-80 rca outputs are just pass through - no high pass filter.
However, the speaker level outputs are high pass filtered.

Here is how I set up the sub-80 system (actually both are set up this way).
Computer > DAC > t-amp > sub > bookshelves.

You could leave out the DAC and use the computers built in one.

This way the t-amp volume controls volume to both sub and bookshelf speakers, and the sub provides a high pass output to the speakers.

On my sub-80 system I found setting the phase switch to 180, the frequency to 1/2 on the dial, and the volume at about 1/4 worked well. YMMV. I set mine up using roomeqwizard for measurements, if you are doing it by ear you might want to use my settings as a starting point.

Edit: and I put a piece of foam in both ports of the sub-80. It measured and sounded better to me that way. Again YMMV

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