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12-11-2010 | Posts: 2,407
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I am seriously going to throw this AVR off a cliff or take a sledge hammer to it if I can't turn off this stupid zone two!

Can someone please tell me how to do it? I am going crazy here!
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12-11-2010 | Posts: 6,960
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I offer two choices....send it to me, or read the manual....starting pg. 100.
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12-11-2010 | Posts: 2,407
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Originally Posted by whoaru99 View Post

I offer two choices....send it to me, or read the manual....starting pg. 100.

I must be reading a different manual, and I am being serious, b/c I can't find anything that says how to turn it off. This is beyond frustrating.
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12-11-2010 | Posts: 6,960
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So you've tried what it says on page 101 and 102 and it doesn't work that way?

Granted, it does seem only to say how to turn it on so I'm somewhat assuming that doing the same thing a second time will toggle it off.
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12-11-2010 | Posts: 5,850
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Do it ! Get a used Denon 3808ci, throw that sucker away...Lol
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12-11-2010 | Posts: 2,310
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Not being familiar with Yamahas I'd be guessing, but it appears from page 101 that you need to have the receiver in zone 2 mode and press the power or standby button. You should then be able to switch the AVR back to normal mode and operate normally.

I stress should.
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12-12-2010 | Posts: 2,407
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Thanks guys, I finally got it.

Although it keeps turning back on automatically every time I power up, but at least I can turn it off now.

And does any one know if this unit can take a rate audio rate of 192K?
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12-16-2010 | Posts: 13
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Hi there,

if it keeps turning back on when you power the Z9 up try this: Look at the manual, page 94. There is a description how to activate the "Zone 2"-mode on the big (black) remote. After you programmed the remote select "Zone2" (look at the small remote display) using the the "Source Select" buttons. You can now turn the Z9s internal Zone 2 amplifier on and off by pressing "System Power" / "Standby". If you power up the amp next time look at the small display on the remote again. "MAIN" should appear for a few seconds - if it does you did it right! Took me a while to find out how it exactly works 'cause the manual is a little confusing sometimes... Positive side effect is that the unit doesn't get that hot anymore!
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06-17-2013 | Posts: 1
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I have this unit, my favorite, please don't hurt it...Here's how to disable zone 2, turn off the red light and get your power back...

First, I recommend you buy another remote. It's the only way to make owning this unit satisfying, trust me.
I bought a factory remote from another unit off e-bay it's a yamaha RAV150, works perfectly, is even woman friendly.
Now, here's the meat and potatoes:
Freshen the batteries in the factory remote (Yamaha RAV228) without this remote you are boned. Give up and piss off until you get it.
Next, Page 101 in your factory manual: Set REC OUT/ZONE2 (round dial on the front panel) to SOURCE REMOTE (point the round dial straight up and leave it there)
Now, get the factory remote (RAV228) and a paperclip ready, as well as your new(old) remote (the one I told you to buy).
Okay ready?
Page 88 and 101 in your factory manual: On the factory remote, press an input selector, (pick CD or DVD)...grab your paperclip and press LEARN for AT LEAST 3 SECONDS...!!!
Press either RIGHT OR LEFT on the four square that has the enter button in the middle until you see "L:AMP"
Now press UP or Down on the same pad until you see "Zone2"
Grab you secondary remote, hold learn for 2 seconds or less, press the button on it you want to dedicate to ALWAYS ONLY BEING USED TO TURN ZONE2 OFF.
Put the remotes NOSE to NOSE and press the STANDBY button on the factory remote.
Now press the the same button you chose on your secondary remote AGAIN to confirm.

Now... Use the secondary remote I told you to buy to turn on a shut down system. As soon as the amp triggers, press the learned button you picked and programmed. ZONE2 should go off immediately. Otherwise you suck, try it again. Works like a champ for me.
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06-17-2013 | Posts: 2,023
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Good thing you came along and gave some advice for this poor guy.....3 years of this happening would drive me crazy! rolleyes.gif
Wayne A. Pflughaupt's Avatar Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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07-22-2013 | Posts: 2,012
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Kind of hard to follow post #9, but basically what he’s saying is to get a separate learning remote, the kind that learns commands directly with the two remotes placed head to head. When you get the stock Yamaha remote’s “Standby” button in ”Zone 2 Off” mode (see pgs. 100-101 in the manual), “teach” that command to the learning remote. He’s using another Yamaha remote for his RX-Z9, replacing the stock remote, so he programmed the “Zone 2 Off” function to that remote.

If you prefer to use the stock remote, you could do what I did: Teach the “Zone 2 Off” command to a separate learning remote, then teach it back to the stock remote, to a button for an input that you don’t use - say, the power button for the “Phono” input. Then you can program that button into your “System On” macro sequence. So every time you power-up the system, the Zone 2 function is turned off. Works great, although I can’t say that the unit is running any cooler, as Post #8 indicated. I’d have to say that this is the hottest-running receiver I’ve ever had.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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04-03-2014 | Posts: 1,221
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Ran across this old thread again. I bought a used Z-9 last spring and had that same problem. I ended up calling Yamaha and they walked me through it. I do remember having
to take a paper clip and inserting it in the original remote. Would have to look actually where I did that. Anyways the tech helped me out and problem was fixed. I have since moved
out of state and getting ready to hook the Z-9 back up, I hope I dont have that problem again but if so I will be calling Yamaha up again.
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