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12-30-2010 | Posts: 32
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Hi All,
I am a novice and am having trouble trying to figure out how to properly set-up my home theater to allow me to play ps3 or watch tv and play music through ipod at the same time.

My current setup is all through HDMI, with everything going through the receiver. I have an LG 60PK550 plasma, denon avr 791, hd box and ps3 all hooked up through hdmi and working fine independently. How can I reconfigure to allow me to put TV on or PS3 and plug in my ipod to allow me to listen to the music while playing ps3 or watching tv?

Your expert advise is much appreciated.

Thanks Nick
Wayne A. Pflughaupt's Avatar Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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12-31-2010 | Posts: 2,003
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With my receiver, if I’m watching a video source I can then switch to an audio–only input (such as CD, tape) and the picture will stay on the screen. Try and see, your receiver might do the same thing

However, I’m not using HDMI, so I don’t know how that affects things. You may have to add analog video connections to make it work.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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AVRs that allow you to split audio and video usually have a section in the manual about how it works. I have an older Denon 3805 with such a feature and it's covered in the manual. There's nothing similar that I can find in the AVR-791 manual.

So, I think you have a couple of choices:
(1) Run separate video connections to the TV from the PS3 and the cable/satellite box. Then, when you want to split the audio and video, use the TV to select the video source.
(2) Get an adapter cable for the iPod that has the standard L/R analog outputs. Connect them to the L/R multichannel analog inputs and use EXT In on the Denon. EXT In plays audio from the multichannel analog inputs without affecting the video and audio that get sent to the display.
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I don't think the AVR791 offers this. I think it starts with the 891.
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